NEWS 9.30.21: IA C19 Trends, NE Redistricting Passes, “Storm Lake” opens film festival, and more



Data released on Wednesday suggests that Iowa may be turning a corner in the fight against COVID-19. The New York Times reported that the state has seen a 25% decrease in cases over the past two weeks, with a new daily average of 1,114 cases per day.

Infections reached their highest level for the year last week, with an average of 1,811 new cases per day.

The Iowa Capital Dispatch reports that Iowa had one of the highest per capita rates in the United States, with an average of 55 new cases per 100,000 people per day.

Hospitalizations have increased by 11% in the past two weeks, however, according to the Times. State data shows there are 624 Iowans currently in the hospital, including 157 intensive care patients.

There are 13 children currently hospitalized with COVID-19. That’s down from the previous week statewide.

However, patients treated for COVID-19 only at two medical facilities in Sioux City doubled in one week, from 15 to 30 patients.

There are also fewer long-term care epidemics than last week. Data from the Iowa Department of Public Health shows there were 25 nursing home outbreaks on Tuesday, up from 29 last Friday.

A Des Moines Register / Mediacom Iowa poll from September found that a quarter of adults in Iowa did not intend to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Residents of rural Iowa were the least likely to get the vaccine, with only 51% responding that they had received at least one dose of the vaccine. The rate in Woodbury County is 45%.

Nebraskans who need certain types of surgeries will have to wait longer under a public health measure that will run until October.

Gov. Pete Ricketts announced he was extending the measure until Oct. 31 to help hospitals with staff shortages cope with existing patients. The directed health measure was due to expire on Thursday.

The order applies to elective inpatient procedures that can wait four weeks or more without materially affecting the patient’s outcome.

Nebraska lawmakers have approved new redistribution maps.

The unicameral gave final approval this morning to the six maps, redrawn based on data from the 2020 census. Gov. Pete Ricketts then gave his approval by signing the bills.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is severing ties with political adviser Corey Lewandowski after former President Donald Trump’s longtime confidant was publicly accused of sexually assaulting a GOP donor.

Lewandowski had been key to the Republican governor’s political rise over the past year, joining her at political events across the country. But his time as an adviser was also marked by turmoil in the governor’s office with frequent departures of staff.

Lewandowski was removed from his post on Wednesday as leader of a super PAC supporting Trump.

The Sioux City International Film Festival kicks off tonight with the screening of the documentary Storm Lake.

The film features The Storm Lake Times Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Art Cullen and shows how he and his family work to keep the publication going as they cover important stories, including water quality. , the Iowa caucuses, and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Cullen has been on the road to promote the film and says he likes to take this time to focus on the issues he finds important.

“Civic engagement, the health of democracy, the health of agriculture and the environment. “

“I would like to draw attention and channel it to these issues.”

Cullen helped start the Western Iowa Journalism Foundation to help support independent family newspapers facing tough times.

Storm Lake begins tonight at the Promenade Theater in Sioux City at 7:30 pm The screening is free thanks to support from the Kind World Foundation. The documentary will also air on PBS on November 15.

The Sioux City International Film Festival will continue until Sunday. Listen for more details tomorrow at 9 a.m. during the chat with host Mary Hartnett. Or check out our website for an extended interview with Art Cullen.

The Powerball jackpot has climbed to around $ 620 million after almost four months without a big winner. This makes it the 10th largest US lottery jackpot before Saturday night’s draw. There have been 39 drawings in a row without a Powerball Grand Prize winner, dating back to the last time someone hit the jackpot on June 5th. one in 292.2 million. Although the jackpot is billed at $ 620 million, this is the estimate of the annuity option paid over 30 years. Winners almost always go for the cash option, which for Saturday’s draw will be valued at $ 446 million.

Frank Thomas has found his Field of Dreams. The Hall of Fame ran a company that purchased a controlling stake in Go the Distance Baseball’s stake in All-Star Ballpark Heaven and the Field of Dreams Movie Site. The company claims This is Heaven LLC, a company of 53-year-old Thomas and Chicago real estate developer Rick Heidner, purchased the interest in Go the Distance Baseball owned by the Denise M. Stillman Trust. Thomas will be CEO and former Chicago White Sox general manager Dan Evans will be COO.

Iowa State Press Release:

Governor Reynolds issues statement in response to new ownership of Field of Dreams

DES MOINES – Governor Reynolds issued the following statement today in response to the new ownership of Field of Dreams.

“I am excited about the new ownership of the Field of Dreams property in Dyersville and would like to thank Frank Thomas for his investment in Iowa.

“This iconic movie site has drawn millions of people to our state over the years, most recently in the first-ever MLB game in Iowa between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox.

“The Field of Dreams is symbolic of what makes Iowa so special, and I am proud to present it to the nation.

“Now, thanks to Frank’s vision, new leadership and strong state and local partnerships, I am confident that the Field of Dreams will become a world-class attraction and further expand economic development opportunities for Dyersville, its communities. surrounding areas and our state as a whole. .

“The State of Iowa is committed to the continued success of this site and I look forward to working with Frank and his team soon. ”



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