“Never underestimate the power of our local champions”: Mahindra’s post on Kellogg’s “upma” goes viral


Business mogul Anand Mahindra’s tweets often leave his followers amused and the latest one featuring Kellogg’s “upma” has left netizens desi ROFL-ing!

Speaking to the microblogging website, Mahindra posted a meme about the American multinational food manufacturer and how it has adapted to the Indian market over the years.

Featuring Kellogg’s 3 Minute Ready-to-Eat ‘Upma’ stacked on a shelf, the meme caption read, “Kellogg’s came to India defying that they will change every Indian’s breakfast habits. 10 years later, it happened.

In her article, Mahindra wrote, “Kellogg’s has been here for over a decade. So it’s dated but the meme is circulating now. And the feeling continues. “Never underestimate the power of our local ‘champions’,” he added.

Read the whole post here:

According to the company’s official website, Kellogg India has opened its first manufacturing plant in Mumbai. Since its inception, the brand has aimed to target the breakfast market with easy-to-prepare cereals and ready meals. In its attempt to adapt to the local market and create edibles more suited to the Indian palate, Kellogg India launched its Kellogg’s Upma breakfast product early last year.

Mahindra’s tweet instantly caught the attention of internet users, who were quick to share their take on the meme. While many were amused, others commented that it was not so easy to change Indian eating habits.

“Our recipes have evolved over thousands of years. A new recipe can’t just fall and take over like a Hollywood movie, ”read one of the many comments on the viral post.


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