Mumbai police group recreates Kishore Kumar’s ‘Mere Sapano Ki Raani’, leaves netizens stunned


Mumbai Police Band, the khaki studio created waves on social media with their talent and wowed audiences with their renditions of many hit songs. Now, the musical cops have gone retro by performing an iconic Kishore Kumar act, garnering high praise from many netizens.

Efficient ‘Mere Sapano Ki Raani’ in the group’s last episode, police personnel presented an instrumental version of the hit evergreen. Juxtaposing their performance with some of the famous shots from the original 1969 film by Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore, the video has left nostalgic Hindi movie fans online.

The popular song of Aradhana was composed by legendary music director SD Burman and sung by Kumar, which not only became an instant hit but continued to dominate hearts for many decades.

Watch the video here:

People on social media were in awe of Khaki Studio’s talent and the wide variety of their song choices. While staying true to the Mumbai Police’s love for contemporary memes, the group joined the movement with ‘Bella Ciao’ of Money theft To join the online conversation with the release of the final series, he had also played Garba’s music during Navratri.

However, the performance that really made internet users fall in love with their musical side was a video of them playing James Bond Musical Theme.

Whether it be patriotic songs or famous movie tunes, Mumbai cops wowed everyone with their awesome skills.

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