Mubi On Movie Go Cinema Pass, ‘Great Freedom’ – Specialized Ticketing – Deadline


Mubi’s post-war drama in German great freedom grossed $8,814 at New York’s Film Forum over the weekend, the latest in a string of foreign films to open well and with younger demos previously atypical of the genre.

Austria’s Oscar-shortlisted submission for Best International Feature Film was also Mubi’s Pick of the Week for its Mubi Go program which has been available to NYC streaming subscribers since October. It offers one free ticket per week for a high-profile photo (from various distributors) and is expected to roll out to Los Angeles and other US markets this spring.

“We strongly believe that the more people who see films in theaters, the better. We are talking about the theater experience and a healthier film culture. screen or than in the cinema. It’s a rising tide. People are more likely to watch something in a cinema if they’re avid, obsessed moviegoers,” says Mubi’s U.S. Casting Director Chris Mason Wells.

He said Mubi Go NYC was “extremely popular. We buy hundreds of tickets to foreign language films and documentaries every week from every arthouse distributor in New York. He said the program’s demo skews young people with 80% under the age of 44. “We encourage them to try their luck on films like great freedom [and] trying to create a ritual habit of cinema” that was lost during Covid. Previous Mubi Go selections include The power of the dog, drive my car, the hand of God, a hero, the lost girl and Playground.

Mubi also adds a new movie every day to its streaming lineup. It doesn’t publish subscriber data, but Wells said subscriptions have doubled every year for the past three years. It is global and growing, having recently acquired European independent sales giant The Match Factory. Mubi Go already operates in around 160 cinemas in the UK.

At Great Freedom, Wells said his openness was one he would have been happy with before the pandemic. There has been a certain strength in foreign films led by the Oslo set of Neon The worst person in the world (which opened in four NY/LA theaters in early February for PSA$33,768); to the Danish animated documentary of the cast To run away; at Sideshow/Janus Films’ Drive my car; and Sony Pictures Classics Parallel mothers.

The reasons are partly specific to the film. But young people can develop this habit by watching more foreign content on stream. Giant TikTok often overlays text over images, Wells said. “People are used to looking at pictures and reading something simultaneously.”

great freedom, directed by Sebastian Meise (former student of Michael Haneke) won the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at Cannes. It stars Franz Rogowski (Transit) as Hans, who is convicted of being gay under an archaic criminal cold provision in post-war Germany. Over the decades, he is repeatedly spied on and imprisoned, developing an increasingly close relationship with his cellmate Viktor (Georg Friedrich), a life-sentenced murderer. It adds Laemmle’s Royal, Monica and Pasadena to Los Angeles next weekend and expands nationwide to major markets in March and April.

Wells said the film – 96% Certified Fresh – “attracted a large queer audience on opening weekend, but reached many others beyond that core demographic. It’s a universal story of love and resilience.

Elsewhere in the specialty:

After Yang by A24 grossed $46,872 across 24 locations for a PSA of $1,953. The film, which premiered at Cannes, is directed by Kagonada and stars Colin Farrell. It is also available to stream on Showtime.


The Utopia Sex Cult Mockumentary Successful adventures sold three Q&A sessions (in NYC at Roxy, LA at Lumiere, and Baltimore at Charles) for a gross of $3,467 and an average per screen of $1,155. It added shows in Los Angeles to Lumière ahead of a launch on digital platforms on Tuesday.

Huda’s living room, an IFC political thriller, grossed $8,000 from 30 theaters for a $267 PSA.


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