Moviegoers seek to determine the biggest twist in movie history


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Properly handled, a shocking twist is unquestionably one of the most effective things in cinema. On the other hand, when it’s signaled from a mile away or arrives without any buildup to act as a shock just for fun, audiences will just roll their eyes.

Very few features have managed to pull off a storytelling trick that’s effective and popular enough to become truly iconic, but that doesn’t mean some deep cuts aren’t thrown into the discussion on Reddit, which aims to determine which twist might possibly be with a chance to enter the same conversation as The Empire Strikes Backthe paternal dropper, or The sixth sense instantly infiltrating popular culture with “I See Dead People”.

Sure enough, Planet of the Apes instantly entered the chat, with the 1968 sci-fi classic delivering a hard-hitting conclusion that left viewers speechless, though you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s seen the film in the last half -century to have entered it without knowing how everything ends up working out.

Primary fearThe finale of has to be up there, especially when it’s not talked about as much as the myriad of other instantly recognizable mat pulls, while there’s even some love for the first episode of the Seen franchise, which caught many fans off guard and remains the most subtly chilling and narratively effective beat in the entire history of the torture porn saga.

There are heavy hitters that get thrown in, but dig a little deeper, and there are unsung twists that are finally appreciated for their incredible quality on the first watch.


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