Movie Covid tests a reminder of the path traveled in recent months


I had a stark reminder of how we used to live only a few months ago when a nurse was sent to my house to test me for Covid as I had to work with one of my clients on a film set on the following day.

I haven’t tested in weeks. Obviously in the film industry, because of the huge budgets, they can’t risk someone coming on set without being professionally tested.

Closing such a behemoth of a facility would cost so much just because someone brought Covid there.

I can see the logic, but it made me realize how fear and anxiety about Covid has really diminished recently.

For the past couple of years we’ve had these daily death numbers on the news and gradually – look at us – we’ve almost gotten back to normal.

The nurse came to my house wearing a mask and an apron, and it was quite shocking to see a hospital situation outside.

I just took a moment to be grateful that Covid anxiety has diminished so much for most of us recently.

Hopefully, however, we can get our next vaccinations soon, because the last thing we need are the numbers to rise again.

Back to Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales, died August 31, 1997. John Stillwell/PA Wire.

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since Princess Diana tragically died in Paris? Of course, we all remember exactly what we were doing when such shocking news broke.

We got up early and got the news as we were going on vacation to Florida.

I think I’ve told you before how the Americans greeted us with condolences as if a member of our family had died.

Millions of us have truly mourned Diana and those boys who lost their mothers so shockingly.

How sad she would be to see them, 25 years later, having separated. As a parent, it must be so painful to watch siblings argue.

Prince Harry and Prince William before the Enduro Africa charity race in Port Edward, South Africa. Jerome Delay/PA Wire.

William and Harry have been through so much together and seemed so close, which makes it even more disappointing.

I wonder if Diana would have managed to fix everything and if she would have been a fan of Meghan or Kate?

Unfortunately, we will never know. I’m sure at 61, as she would be now, she would still have been the most glamorous woman alive.

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A perfect day

This week, I persuaded Gordon to come work with me on condition. I was only working an hour and had to travel to the Oxfordshire countryside.

What a beautiful day we ended up having.

We are very guilty of not taking the time to explore different parts of the country, really.

As a child, I remember we would regularly fill a basket full of picnic food and put the sunbeds and windbreak in the car and go for a “race”.

Do people actually have windbreaks now? Maybe it was something Scottish because it was more likely to be cold than hot.

Beach memories

We always packed my favorite egg, tomato and cream of salad sandwiches and I remember my mum and dad had a bottle of tea. Simple but happy days.

Gordon and I didn’t pack a picnic, but we walked around a lovely town called Burford and looked around in little local shops.

We were told the best thing to eat was quiches from a local bakery, so we gave it a try. Honestly, I had no idea quiche could be so good.

In fact, I’ve been craving quiche ever since, so any great quiche recipes you have would be appreciated.

Celebrating Jamal Edward’s Birthday

Jamal Edwards. Photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire.

Sometimes spur-of-the-moment outings are the best. It was the wonderful Jamal Edward’s birthday this week and we all wanted to celebrate.

Again, I was in awe of my beautiful friend Brenda Edwards and her strength. She’s one in a million.

She has wonderful friends around her who I spent time chatting with like Linda Robson and Dame Kelly Holmes.

Brenda Edwards. Ian West/PA Wire.

I also spent some time with Ed Sheeran. We have met before but this time we realized we had a lot of friends in common.

It was a very emotional day where there were a lot of tears but also a lot of very happy memories of this incredibly special man.

Have a good week,

Yvie x

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[Movie Covid test a reminder of how far we’ve come in the last few months]



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