Movie Asking For It Shows Us What Happens When They Anger Vanessa Hudgens


A new clip from the upcoming film Asking For It has just been releasedgiving us a taut look at an upcoming new thriller that follows a group of vigilantes on a bender for the ages.

Asking For It tells the story of a small-town waitress who, after being mugged on a date, meets two women, Regina (Alexandra Shipp) and Beatrice (Vanessa Hudgens), who recruit her into their vigilante group. Together, the group works to bring down a corrupt system riddled with misogyny to create their own version of justice, which until now has been unattainable.

The new clip features Kiersey Clemons as Joey, a small-town head waitress and former waitress, arrested by a police officer whose hostility causes Joey to freeze. In the clip, Beatrice explains to the police officer in detail her exact rights and the restrictions surrounding her attempt to arrest them. Hudgens’ character takes over the clip, showing courage and danger with his smudged eyeliner and disgruntled look on his face. The clip gives us a glimpse of the growing tension within the thriller which, like the classic Thelma and Louise, promises a tense exploration of the consequences of sexual violence while exploring a fantasy tale of outright repudiation from institutions. who facilitate such abuses.

In addition to Clemons, Hudgens and Shipp, the film stars Ezra Miller, Radha Mitchell, Gabourey Sidibe and Luke Hemsworth. The film is directed by Eamon O’Rourke, his first feature film project as a director. O’Rourke also wrote the film, which is his first full screenplay.

Asking For It hits theaters and digital on March 4. @worldwide

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