Michelob Ultra puts fan who didn’t film Tiger Woods front and center in new ad


Video recording is part of every event. Phones at concerts, sporting events, and just walking around are now commonplace. Unless you are a single man.

That man? This man is Mark.

Mark had Tiger Woods just yards ahead of him at the start of the PGA Championship. And unlike most people around him, Mark just watched.

The balance. The dedication. Majesty.

Mark immediately became an internet legend, becoming known as Michelob Ultra. And like all pure things, Mark was immediately seen as a marketing opportunity for a brand. Michelob Ultra noticed the Man Who Wouldn’t Record and featured him prominently in a commercial.

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It’s really been an onslaught of Mark Content from Michelob since then, but this ad is the pinnacle. The music combined with him standing with his can is pretty amazing.

“We’ve talked about large amounts of Ultra, merchandise, going to other PGA events, and now we’re getting into shirts and hats and they’re offering – potentially – a can of beer with my picture on it,” Mark said. , by News Nation. “We’re working on it right now. It was crazy.”

Although the moment has passed, Michelob Ultra ensures that we all still live there. And then there’s only one thing left to say: Take that bag, Mark.


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