March Cover Star Varun Dhawan Tells Us About His ‘Early Experiences’ Via Films


It would be an understatement to call our March cover star Varun Dhawan a movie buff. Cinema has always had a huge impact on him. We caught up with Dhawan to talk about some of his treasured movie-watching memories.

Varun Dhawan’s love of movies gave him many ‘first experiences’


The iconic movie is technically the first movie Dhawan watched with his wife Natasha Dalal during school days. “I’m pretty sure there was an aunt who took a bunch of kids and we left too,” he recalled. Directed by James Cameron, Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. It was based on the tragic story of the sinking of the British liner Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Bade Miya Chote Miya

Asked about the only movie he remembers seeing on the big screen, Dhawan tells us that Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Baden Miyan Chote Miyan are the two films he vividly remembers seeing at the cinema. “Both were released on the same day and I have fond memories of seeing them on screen,” he says. While Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was Karan Johar’s first film, Baden Miyan Chote Miyan was directed by Dhawan’s father, David Dhawan. The films were released in October 1998.

American psycho

Dhawan was inspired by a number of films. He always knew he wanted to be an actor, but if there’s one movie that solidified his decision to be in the movie business, it’s American psycho. “I saw this on a DVD in Nottingham and realized acting was what I wanted to do,” he tells us. The black comedy starred Christian Bale as an investment bank executive who hides his alternative psychopathic ego from his colleagues.

Kaante and Kaho Na Pyar Hai

Are you even a real movie buff if you have never taken a course to watch a movie. We all have this memory of dropping out of school or college for the big screen. Dhawan recalls dropping out of class to watch Kaante at the Chandan cinema. The multi-star film was inspired by reservoir dogs and included Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, among others. Then there was the cult classic Kaho Na Pyar Hai which gave the film industry Hrithik Roshan. Dhawan remembers bunking lessons to watch KNPH too.

Pyar Kia in Darna Kya

That Dhawan is an admirer of superstar Salman Khan is not hidden from anyone. When asked which movie impacted his style, VD says, Pyar Kia in Darna Kya. “I remember that iconic photo of Salman Bhai wearing his baggie jeans and showing off his Calvin Klein underwear suspender,” he shares. Pyar Kia in Darna Kya released in the 90s and became an instant hit with young people, thanks to Khan’s shirtless performance on Oh Oh Jane Janaa track that is still fresh.

Dil Chahta Hai

That does not like Dil Chahta Hai! It is this coming of age film for Indian youth that has transcended generations and still connects with youth. For Dawan, Dil Chahta Hai is the only film that made him travel to a destination. “Dil Chahta Hai inspired a whole generation to travel to Goa with friends,” he says.


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