Male performer ‘Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye’ on the street to pay for music tuition, wins praise from Hrithik Roshan



Heartwarming video of man singing ‘Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye’ from 1990 film Jurm has gone viral on social media, earning praise from many, including Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and Kunal Kapoor.

The clip was originally posted to Twitter and Instagram since managing @ (Twitter) with a caption that read: “When talent meets technology, the possibilities are endless.”

In the 2.10 minute clip, the musician, identified as Shakeel, is seen singing the song while strumming his guitar as a small crowd surrounds him. The video then heads to a panel featuring multiple online payment platforms along with a QR code for anyone who wants to help help Shakeel. The message reads: “Thank you for your contribution, this pays my music school fees.”

Watch the video here:

Once shared online, the video instantly went viral on social media and was re-shared by actor Kunal Kapoor, who called on people to support Shakeel. “Brilliant! You can support this very talented and innovative musician wherever you are. The power of UPI and technology,” Kapoor tweeted. The post was also retweeted by Hrithik Roshan, who was also impressed with the Shakeel’s singing talents.

Overwhelmed by the response Shakeel received on the video, he re-shared the clip to his Instagram account while thanking the user who shared the video for “changing his life.”

“The viral video that caught everyone’s attention, @ sir, you literally changed my life by sharing this, I want to thank everyone who watched me play, cheered me on and made contributed to my cause, I am very grateful and grateful to each of you, I am blessed to be able to do what I love.

“To this day, none of my parents, family or friends knew what I was doing. I want to tell all of you that I am a street musician (street artist) and I am proud of it, I finally had the courage to reveal my identity publicly.

“@hrithikroshan sir, @kunalkkapoor sir, thank you very much for your courage,” he wrote as he concluded the post.



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