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The video showing how the long-lost brother and sister reunite has been posted on Facebook.

The story of a reunion between a long-lost brother and sister may surprise you and make you wonder how much of a movie it sounds like. Shared on Facebook, a post explains how the duo ended up getting together after one of them decided to take a DNA test.

Cook Children’s Hospital shared the story on its official page along with a video. “Two siblings have gone through life without knowing each other – and in seven years they have crossed paths several times at Cook Children’s Medical Center,” they wrote.

“Raymond Turner, a producer at Sparklefly Recording Studio in the Child Living Area, submitted his DNA to 23andMe with the intention of learning more about his ancestry. When he received his results, he said discovered he had a ‘family match, brother or sister.’ The name of this match? Christina Sadberry. Christina has been bringing her 11-year-old son to Cook Children’s since 2015. On the way to the medical center for each visit, they are stopped at Child Life Zone to check out the LEGO exhibit replica and watch patients sing, record and perform music in the SparkleFly recording studio,” they added.

The hospital also shared a quote from Turner expressing their reaction to the whole incident. “‘When you put all of these things together when we tell all of this, there’s no way we could have written this… It was a divine appointment, it was on God’s calendar and it was ‘was at the right time,’ Raymond said.

Take a look at the video which sheds a little more light on the wonderful reunion:

The video was shared two days ago. Since posting, the clip has garnered over 4,500+ views. The share also garnered several comments from people. “Mr. Turner is such an amazing person. Reading this story makes me so happy for him and Christina,” one Facebook user commented. “OMG! All the tears!! What a great meeting. I love this story!” voiced another. “Crying! Oh my God this is amazing!!!,” posted a third. “This is amazing,” wrote a fourth. A few also showed their reactions through heart emojis.

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