Kristen Stewart was asked if she would play the Joker in Robert Pattinson’s Batman, and her answer is perfect



Having largely avoided tentpole productions for more than a decade after his stint as Edward Cullen in the dusk film series, Robert Pattinson returns to blockbuster territory for Matt Reeves The batman. Pattinson will be the last actor to bring the eponymous DC Comics superhero to life, and naturally this first film was intended as the start of a new trilogy of Batman films. With that in mind, there have been calls for Pattinson dusk co-star Kristen Stewart will play the Joker in The batman continuity, but don’t expect it to happen.

While promoting his new film SpencerKristen Stewart was asked about her thoughts on the social media campaign to take over from the Joker in theaters, following actors like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix. The actress informed Variety it is not something that interests him particularly, saying:

Not ‘no’, but not the happiest I’ve ever been. Let’s do something new.

Giving moviegoers the first female Joker live-action would definitely be an interesting way for Warner Bros. and DC to spice up the Batman movie franchise. There is also a certain priority for this, because in the Breaking point continuity, Martha Wayne became the Joker after the death of her son Bruce, while Thomas Wayne became the Batman of this timeline. Obviously it would be someone else with chalk white skin and tall green hair. The batman universe, but even though Matt Reeves and the rest of The batman creative minds decide to choose an actress like Joker, they obviously shouldn’t put Kristen Stewart on their list of consideration.

Instead, the Spencer The actress would rather devote her acting energy to playing a new character who is on par with that of The Joker, who has been Batman’s nemesis for over 80 years. As Kristen Stewart put it:

I love the energy behind it. It’s really well made. I have the impression that, maybe, we do not go for a walk, but I like this enthusiasm. Let’s find something else. I am totally ready to play a weird and scary person.

Of course, we don’t even have any guarantees that the Joker will surface in Robert Pattinson’s Batman world. Ok yeah, the odds of that happening are pretty high considering how popular the supervillain is, but with Joker having been played live-action so often in recent years, maybe Matt Reeves would rather highlight the villains who don’t. haven’t had so much time to shine. Concrete example, The batman highlights The Riddler and The Penguin (played by Paul Dano and Coin Farrell, respectively), neither of which have appeared in a live-action Batman movie since the ’90s. Perhaps for The Batman 2, Reeves would rather give someone like Mr. Freeze another shot at cinematic glory, or maybe even use someone who hasn’t appeared on the big screen yet, like The Mad Hatter or The Professor. Hugo Strange.

Naturally, if it is announced that the Joker will appear in the sequels of The batman, We will let you know. For now, Robert Pattinson’s first outing as Caped Crusader is on track for March 4, 2022. As for Kristen Stewart, you can see her performance as Princess Diana of Wales when Spencer releases November 9.



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