‘#KhakiStudio Rukhega Nahi!’: Mumbai Police Band Play ‘Srivalli’ From ‘Pushpa: The Rise’


Mumbai police also joined the Pushpa frenzy, months after the film’s release, with his band covering a romantic song from the super-hit starring Allu Arjun starter.

The Khakhi Studio, the Mumbai police group, released their rendition of Srivalli from Pushpa: the ascent.

The group’s cover was posted on the Mumbai Police YouTube channel and was later shared by law enforcement on their Twitter account. While sharing the video, Mumbai Police tweeted, “#KhakiStudio Rukhega Nahi! We noticed the Mumbaikars rocking to the tunes of “Srivalli” and decided to join us! #MusicalMonday #MumbaiPoliceBand #Pushpa”.

The band’s elaborate performance featured many instruments, including clarinet, alto saxophone, flute, trumpet, and more.

The group, named after Coke Studio, first shot to fame in August 2021 after more than 30 staff members played the James Bond movie theme music in an ode to Monty Norman, famous English singer-songwriter.

Before that, Khaki Studio also entertained people by recreating several hit numbers. They played everything from Kishore Kumar’s ‘masterfully’Mother Sapno Ki Ranito patriotic songs like ‘Ayou Watan Tere Liye’or Italian protest song ‘Bella Ciao’ which was made popular by the Netflix series Money theft.

Khaki Studio has its roots in the British Raj when the colonial administration created the Bombay Police Band in 1936. Years later, Khaki Studio became the subset of this band.


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