Kerala Court Temporarily Suspends Release of Blockbuster Film “Kaduva”


Kochi, December 10 (IANS): In a partial setback for veteran director Shaji Kailas, who was returning to the film industry after a hiatus of a few years, his hit film “Kaduva” starring Prithviraj, due for release next month, has been temporarily suspended by a local court, here Friday. .

The family of the rich pedigree petitioner from Kottayam district had previously been approached by Kailas to make a film about her long feud with a senior police official of yesteryear, subject to certain conditions such that the screenplay would have to be written by Renji Panicker and the lead role is expected to be played by Mohanlal or Suresh Gopi.

It was also pointed out that the films should be titled “Vyakhram” and that the main character should not be portrayed as taking the law into his own hands.

But nothing happened towards the making of the film and the project was abandoned.

Later, when information surfaced that a film titled ‘Kaduva’ was being released with Prithviraj in the lead role and further investigation by the petitioner revealed that the film was based on his life.

And then he approached the court and in his plea he pointed out that the film was nothing but his own story and that he was portrayed as a villain more than a hero and that the acts of the film were contrary to his life and would therefore be defamatory and his reputation could be damaged.

With that, the court granted a temporary stay for the film to be shown in whole or in part and released the case for a new hearing on the 14th of this month.

Kailas is known for his blockbuster movies and has already directed over 40 films, but for the past few years he’s been having a quiet time.

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