Jamie Costa’s ‘bizarre’ Robin Williams impersonation leaves fans hungry for biopic



(NEXSTAR) – A “supernatural” impression of Robin Williams has stunned people online.

“Oh my God! It gave me goosebumps!” someone posted on Twitter. “There may also have been tears. ”

In a five-minute video shared on YouTube on Monday, actor Jamie Costa stars as the late Williams in a scene in which he finds out that his friend, comedian John Belushi, has passed away. The scene is set in 1982 on the set of “Mork and Mindy”, which starred Williams as the alien Mork.

In the clip titled “ROBIN Test Footage Scene,” Pam Dawber, played by Sarah Murphree, interrupts Williams as he practices to announce Belushi’s death.

Belushi, star of “Blues Brothers”, died at age 33 of a cocaine and heroin overdose in 1982.

Comedian Scott Nevins wrote on Twitter that identity theft is “unbelievable”. He said Costa had already gained notoriety for “his weird impression” of Williams.

The clip sparked speculation on social media about a previously unknown biopic about Williams, who died aged 63 of an apparent suicide in 2014.

PopCulture Uncovered tweeted that for the cast, Hollywood wouldn’t have to look any further than Costa to play Williams, saying “you’ll agree the role is meant to be hers.”

Someone else tweeted: “It’s absolutely breathtaking !!! I felt like I was watching Robin. Jamie captures every aspect of him perfectly.

And yet another commented on the video, “It’s one thing to look like a person, but it’s how much he looks like him and has his manners and expressions down that is so awesome.” I hope this film will be made. I still feel his loss.


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