In the cinema room. Indiana Jones’ “Jungle Cruise” Extreme Pace Girl with Twain Johnson


Jack Whitehall, Emily Blunt and Twain Johnson. (© DR)

Inspired by the most popular attraction of Disney parks and with a huge budget, the latest work by Spanish-American director Joam Colette-Sera Designed to appeal to as many people as possible.

Borrow from different sagas

“Following the Green Diamond” from a scene reminiscent of “The Odyssey of the African Queen” from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Indiana Jones” by Sagas, director Entertainment with stunning special effects (Please note, the film is not recommended for children under 10s), full of adrenaline, in which the action scenes jump to each other at a hellish speed. And all without losing the cheerful sense of humor and the sense of humor!

touch a woman

We didn’t forget to address the woman’s claim, because in the opening scene of the film we find out Law Dr Lily Who in the early twentiese The century in London, as a woman, does not have the right to access the most secret archives of educated society. However, she knew that hiding an object there, her father, a famous researcher who disappeared for a few years, spoke to her and told her that it was the key that would allow her to find a tree in the heart of the Amazon. . The ability to heal all ailments in the universe.

In the Amazon jungle

Courageous as a person, Lily understands what he says Leaves the Amazon jungle with his brother McGregor, the perfect British subject, Stitching, by definition, cannot be done without tea time served on the porcelain. One of the largest rivers in the world does not yet have a boat and its captain to climb its borders. Impossible she meets Frank, an adventurer, commander of an incredible tank but the perfect connoisseur of this river bed.

The adventure begins and what we can say is that it continues until the unexpected final twist. Not to mention, the icing on the cake, that this German submarine is pursuing them with its vengeance. Emily Blunt (Lily) and Twain Johnson (Frank) Create the best twins, a couple completed by a hilarious McGregor Jack Whitehall in the throes of an existential crisis, unusual in Mickey’s universe …

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