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In 1989, summer blockbusters drew crowds to the Rangeland Theater

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32 YEARS AGO (1989): Summer blockbusters were drawing crowds to the Rangeland Theater like never before. Dr Lyon Appleby, owner of the drive-in, said he was having his best summer since 1980. Appleby attributed the success to a series of stellar films, including Batman, Lethal weapon 2, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Honey, I cut down on the kids. Added to its success was a new deal with film distributors, which meant Rangeland received new films faster than in the past.

16 YEARS AGO (2005): Hathaway Lake was home to the oldest sport no one has ever heard of – barefoot water skiing. The 26th Annual Canadian Championship drew 35 competitors to the Cariboo. Organizer Richard Gray said it made sense to hold the competition, as there is a lot of barefoot water skiing in the area. The only downside was the uncertain weather conditions making the lake a bit choppy for some events. Otherwise, many competitors set personal bests in their categories.

8 YEARS AGO (2013): Two people crossing 100 Mile House became first responders to a grass fire atop 103 Mile Hill. Kris Dawson and Ryan Labby fought the blaze, which started in waist-deep grass, with a portable water bag and shovel they had in their truck. 100 Mile House Fire Chief Darrell Blades said the suspected cause of the blaze was a cigarette and the two men’s actions prevented the blaze from spreading. Blades and two other members of the department extinguished the fire completely.

4 YEARS AGO (2017): Sophie and Tad, a Maremma sheepdog couple, kept their flock of 89 sheep safe in the 105 Mile fire zone during the Gustafsen blaze. Their owners, Lynn Landry and her husband Lorne, were forced to leave them behind when they were evacuated from their home on Abel Lake Road on July 6, having only had time to leave a gate open for their animals. . The Landry’s were able to return to their property twice to leave bags of dog food in a field for their dogs. They only lost one sheep in the fire.

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