Impossible – Ghost Protocol’s Biggest Stunt Has Been Its Huge Success


One of the biggest lessons for me here is that Paramount made a reasonable bet here. Yes, a big movie star and an established franchise (especially a decade ago before streaming took hold) was a sure bet at the box office, but the studio didn’t let things get out of hand. This movie was made for $ 145 million, and yes, it’s a big budget, but it’s not too bloated. This is actually $ 5 million less than the announced budget for “Mission: Impossible III”. Prepare to succeed.

Beyond that, I think the idea of ​​not fixing what isn’t broken was incredibly wise. It would have been easy to watch what “MI3” did at the box office and pivot. Instead, they kind of doubled down on what worked and didn’t force anything. They brought in the right person to right the ship during production when things didn’t work out, but ultimately stayed the course. Clearly, it paid off.

Also of note, the “Mission: Impossible” films to date are not too closely tied to the sequel. It can be a killer in some cases. As long as the Marvel Cinematic Universe works, that can be a lot of homework. Even the Daniel Craig “Bond” films were at times a little too interconnected for their own good (looking at you, “Specter”). With “Ghost Protocol”, a viewer who had never seen one of these films could easily have understood what was going on and set off for a walk. Fortunately, even though “Fallout” had a lot of connections to the previous films, the franchise has maintained that.

Finally, on the idea that recognizing a good thing is a smart way to go, Paramount recognized that McQuarrie has a magical touch. Ultimately, he was hired to direct “Rogue Nation” and “Fallout,” both of which were big gangbuster hits. And he also worked with Cruise on “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Jack Reacher” and the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick”. In addition, it achieves both “Mission: Impossible 7” and “8”. It’s one of Hollywood’s most trusted relationships, and it has flourished to a large extent following some uncredited rewrites. It’s a hell of a thing.

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