How the director’s previous films influence the sequel’s plot


Top Gun: The director of Maverick has directed 3 films (Tron: Legacy, Oblivion and Only the Brave), all of which could hint at the plot of the Top Gun sequel.

Top Gun: Maverick Director Joseph Kosinski has had an uneven screen career so far, but each of his first outings has a clear influence on the direction of the highly anticipated Top Gun after. When did the time come to find a director for Top GunTony Scott was not the first name considered for the blockbuster action film. Before Scott joined the project, a potential Top Gun director John Carpenter turned down the opportunity to make the film because he noted that the air combat finale was ridiculously unrealistic and that an actual aggressive incident between the Russian and US armed forces at the height of the Cold War would have resulted in The Third world war.

Carpenter not being interested in the Tom Cruise vehicle, Scott was selected. It’s hard to imagine anyone else doing Top Gun, as Scott’s unique style contributed to the film’s success. Top GunThe polished visuals, quick editing, and striking blue and orange color scheme of ‘were hallmarks of the iconic action movie legend. That same signature style made the film a huge box office hit.

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Sadly, Scott passed away in 2010 at a tragically young age. The long-awaited sequel to the film seemed unlikely to come to fruition after the director’s death, but in the years that followed, Tony Scott’s original Top Gun the idea for the sequel was scrapped, the story rethought, and director Joseph Kosinski was tasked with rekindling interest in the franchise. No one could replace Scott in the chair of the director of Top Gun: Maverick, but what does this new director bring to the sequel, and what does the director’s early releases tell audiences about his upcoming Top Gun after? So far, Kosinski has only made three films: Tron legacy, 2013 Oversight, and 2017 Only the brave. However, even these three releases can give viewers a good idea of ​​what to expect from Top Gun: Maverick, illustrating both the pitfalls Kosinski must avoid and the assets the director can use to direct the long-awaited sequel.

Tron legacy

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Kosinski’s first film dates from 2010 Tron legacy, proving that the director has a penchant for reviving the nostalgic properties of the ’80s. However, contrary to what viewers hope to see from Top Gun: Maverick, Tron legacy has been widely dismissed as a gorgeous but void case of style outweighing depth, with critics accusing Kosinski of caring more about the aesthetics of the sequel than his heart and plot. Despite the lively performances of Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges, this late follow-up was slim in terms of plot and goal, which means Top Gun: Maverick will need to bolster its story and deliver the same internal conflict that made the original’s Maverick an engaging protagonist for viewers, instead of relying on brand recognition like this release was accused of doing. Tron legacy has been seen by many critics as the case for a recognizable property resting on its laurels and hoping that the residual taste for the original will spark the interest and excitement of viewers. That said, the many delays in Top Gun: MaverickThe release date means the creators know that hype alone won’t be enough to spark interest in the sequel, and a compelling story is a basic requirement to keep the series alive, too.


Marry the impressive visuals of Tron legacy with a stronger story, Oversight marked both a great improvement in Kosinski’s critical fortune and (not coincidentally) his first collaboration with Tom Cruise. The sci-fi story offered some truly stunning visuals, but also had compelling human drama at its center, with a stellar twist in the middle of the film leaving even seasoned critics genuinely surprised. Although it came out during a sort of Renaissance for sci-fi, Oversight managed to stand out alongside heavyweight rivals like Gravity and Interstellar as a thoughtful and intelligent fusion of science fiction and action. A smart and fresh take on the now-familiar story of military triumph is something that Top Gun: Maverick will have to stand out in a crowded blockbuster market, and OversightThe ability to leave an impression on critics despite fierce competition proves Kosinski can pull it off. OversightThe clever take on futuristic sci-fi, meanwhile, proves that the director can anchor human drama in unlikely places, which bodes well for Top Gun: Maverick.

Only the brave

2017 Only the brave may have failed financially, but this tragic tale of a real-life fire crew is a moving, beautifully-directed show that proves Kosinski can found small-scale character drama in big, sprawling action sets. . The plot follows the team’s heroic efforts to contain the Yarnell Hill blaze, and in this setting the film finds time for a touching story of mentoring between the wayward young rookie of Miles Teller and the grizzled veteran of Josh. Brolin. If Kosinski can recreate this poignant and believable dynamic between Teller’s Rooster and Cruise’s Maverick, Top Gun: Maverick could reach dramatic heights even the original never reached. While the original Top Gun is a cult classic beloved by many viewers, few fans would rate the film as particularly emotionally deep despite the subplot about Maverick’s missing father. Generally, Top Gun firstly concerns the action and then the emotion, something Only the brave subverts throughout its execution.

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As Brolin’s icy protagonist gradually warms up as Teller arrives throughout their grueling mission, Only the brave allows a dynamic naturalistic father figure / prodigal son to develop between the mismatched duo. Despite the forest fires that surround them, the film never falters in its focus on the human drama at its heart, a promising sign for Top Gun: Maverickdramatic potential. After all, with Cruise’s aging, the best possible future for the Top Gun the franchise is one that transforms Maverick from a field action hero into a hands-off mentor figure as he ages into retirement, and Only the brave has already provided ample evidence that Kosinski can credibly and gracefully deliver this dynamic while delivering a thrilling and fast-paced action flick. All the films Joseph Kosinski directed throughout his career so far can tell viewers how the plot of Top Gun: Maverick can take place, but it is Only the brave which provides the most exciting food for thought among the fandom despite its commercial underperformance.

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