How the book differs from the movie


Let’s take a look at all the major changes Netflix has made in There’s Someone Inside Your Home in Stephanie Perkins’ 2017 Slasher Novel.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for There’s Someone Inside Your Home, now streaming on Netflix.

In Netflix There is someone in your house, a slasher rages on in the small town of Osborne, Nebraska, targeting teenagers and revealing their deepest and darkest secrets. This prompts Makani and his team to investigate what is going on and find out the identity of the demon, as deaths are now striking near their homes. However, there are many massive changes being made to Stephanie Perkins’ 2017 novel of the same name.

Killer’s motivation changes in Netflix movie

Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix There's someone inside your house

The murderer was a random child named David, who wasn’t really a central character in the book. He hid in the student houses and emptied them because he hated the way they wanted to leave town. He wasn’t in the aspiration, but he also didn’t like that Makani was an accepted stranger, unlike him. However, the film has one of Makani’s close friends, Zach, surprisingly being the slasher, trying to expose the city for his hypocrisy, while David is left out entirely.

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There’s someone inside your Netflix house changing the killer’s style

Ollie is vilified for no reason in There's Someone Inside Your House

Zach has enormous wealth in the movie, so he 3D prints face masks of each victim so that the last thing they see is themselves before they reveal their compromising secrets on social media after they pass away. . He talks about the current digital age of the real world. However, the novel’s David was more tame, just moving things around as he hid in people to scare them off, rather than being all nuanced to show them they were monsters.

Netflix movie amplifies Makani’s dark past

Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix There's someone inside your house

In the book, Makani cut Jasmine’s ponytail during a swim team hazing, which was an assault but not as dramatic as the evil act of her film counterpart. Still, she had to leave her old home and move to Osborne for the offense. In the film, flashbacks confirm that Makani pushes Jasmine into a bonfire during a drunken session, which is far more violent. It also explains why and how she changed her identity after the courts released her to live with her grandmother.

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There is someone inside your house who changes their victims and survivors

Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix There's someone inside your house

The novel killed Hayley, Matt, Katie, and Caleb, while Makani’s best friend, Alex, also eventually fell prey to David. The Netflix movie changes with Jackson, Katie, and Skipper Sandford murdered. Caleb is attacked, but he survives, while Alex is also not emptied. Rodrigo’s death is also changed. While he is killed at Zach’s party in the movie, the book had David murdering Rodrigo (his best friend) at home.

Netflix movie records big reveal to the end

Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix There's someone inside your house

When David tried to murder Makani in the book, Ollie and his grandmother saved her. But at this point David was exposed and a manhunt began. It’s a lot different than the movie follows Scream and i know what you did last summer, holding Zach’s revelation for the last moments when he murders Skipper, his capitalist and racist father. Everything is done to add drama and shock factor, according to the multitude of modern slasher films.

See how changes are made from book to movie in There’s Someone Inside Your Home, now streaming on Netflix.

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