Here’s what’s coming soon [Exclusive]


The teaser footage included here doesn’t show us a ton of footage we’ve never seen before, although it does give us a good look at “Teen Wolf” star O’Brien playing what appears to be a type of Pete Davidson in Quinn Shephard. new satire “Disagree.” The actor sports a faded blonde hairstyle and a thick layer of tattoos as he attempts to light up what looks like a five-pronged blunt on a street corner. Shephard’s debut film “Blame” was a great debut, and Deutch and O’Brien seem like a crackling combination, so “Not Okay” is already in my must-see column.

Other clips from new movies feature King getting his butt kicked as a kidnapped royal in “The Princess,” Amber Midthunder battling aliens in Dan Trachtenberg’s “Predator” prequel, “Prey,” and Emma Thompson becoming sassy in the critically acclaimed Sundance favorite “Good Luck To You.” , Leo Grande.” The latter film, along with Andrew Ahn’s “Fire Island,” is already available on the streamer. Werewolf horror, “The Cursed,” is set to hit the streamer in the coming weeks.

Additional movies headed to the streamer this summer include “Asking For It” (July 2), “Minamata” (July 8), “Gold” (July 9), “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” (July 12), “You Are Not My Mother” (July 21), “All My Friends Hate Me” (July 22) and “A Day To Die” (July 31). The streamer will also exclusively premiere “Aftershock,” a documentary about the health crisis kindergarten in the United States.

“The Princess” hits Hulu on July 1, while “Aftershock” drops July 19. “Not Okay” debuts on July 29, and “Prey” hits the streamer on August 5, 2022.


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