Greatest A24 Movies of All Time


Can the box office success of “Ex Machina” be attributed to Oscar Isaac’s dancing? After all, the fetish actor who swung his arms and hips at a groovy beat has become a must-have GIF. In a way, the answer is yes, but only because this scene symbolizes the memorable tone of the film. Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller is actually full of such special moments.

“Ex Machina” inspired a slew of great reviews and boasted of a marketing campaign emphasizing the tons of distinctive images from the film. Additionally, A24 has done a lot of eye-catching advertising stunts, like using bots on Tinder, to generate interest. As a result, this feature has grossed $ 25.4 million nationwide. That’s a particularly impressive sum given that its large release expansion coincided with the debut of May 2015 blockbusters like “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

Even with all this competition to contend with, “Ex Machina” continued to draw moviegoers through marketing, word-of-mouth, and its compelling central premise. Plus, while these other May 2015 films have huge marketing budgets and iconic brands, none of them make Oscar Isaac dance. No wonder “Ex Machina” managed to thrive at the box office.


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