Final Destination 6 reportedly found a new writer


The sixth installment in the fan favorite Final destination series would have found a writer in Bed restby Lori Evans Taylor. Mention of Evans getting the gig is buried in an ad on Bed restthe festival’s plans, so it was pretty easy to miss, and didn’t have any further details on this Final destination 6 maybe around. The franchise focuses on groups of teenagers who escape death, only for the universe to try to “fix” itself by killing them in an elaborate and gruesome way in the days that follow. The original series starred Devon Sawa and Tony Todd.

Deadline lists Final destination 6 among Taylor’s scripts, in a list that also includes Ben Affleck’s I’m still alive. After years of hellish development, we recently learned that Final destination 6 was really back in development.

“They were working on a new Final destination but that was postponed because of COVID, ”series creator Jeffrey Reddick said last October.

It’s unclear if the pre-COVID version was also from Taylor, or the same story, but the idea at the time was to place her in a new universe so that she wasn’t directly linked to the events and the chronology of previous films. … but not to change the way the universe works or the way Death comes and takes its victims.

“We are trying to make it happen in the world of first responders: paramedics, firefighters and police,” he added. producer Craig Perry said in an interview Last year. “These people face death on the frontlines every day and make choices that can make people live or die. We rely on their good judgment, expertise and composure. So why not put these people in a situation? nightmarish where every choice can bring life and death – but now for themselves? We think the world could be an interesting way in a Final destination movie, and that can also generate some unique sets in a very believable way … The last thing I’ll say is I don’t think anyone will look at a revolving door the same way again … “

The first ones Final destination the films had a simple formula: they were quite inexpensive to make and generated high profits as a result. One of the mistakes that a number of abortive covers of the series seemed to have was trying to get “big” and create a film that leaned more into blockbuster territory, making it more expensive. to produce.

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