Exclusive! BeYouNick reacts to his Ralia wedding video that went viral


Content creator Nick’s (popularly as BeYouNick) video where he was seen running behind a car that reads ‘Alia Weds Ranbir’ has gone viral as it’s the first time Alia Bhatt has reacted to her wedding with the comment “Ded”. Channeling his inner Kabir Singh from Shahid Kapoor’s 2019 star, Nick is also seen wiping away his tears as the song Tu Meri Hai Meri Hi Rahegi plays in the background.

We catch up with the YouTuber as he talks about being rather surprised at the response the video received and his love for Bhatt. Excerpts:

Your video about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding has gone viral. What was your first reaction?

I felt like I was doing this [making a video] for the first time. I had the same feeling as the first time a video I made went viral.

But was the response different from your other popular videos?

It’s not like it’s not the first time I’ve made a video, but the response I received was very different. It’s not every morning that you wake up and see your videos being picked up by so many portals.

And this is the first time that she reacts to the announcement of her marriage…

Alia also commented on my videos earlier, but once I read the posts I realized that was her first time reacting to something related to her marriage. It was then that I understood the gravity of the situation.

You expressed your admiration for Alia. What kind of equation do you share with her?

I shot sketches and Instagram videos with her. But for me, the equation that I share with her is more than professional but I don’t know her (laughs).

So, are you upset that she’s getting married?

Yes, I am very sad for me (laughs).

Do you have a good memory of your shoots with her?

Once, when we were shooting a video together, she told me that if her movie did well, she would give me her number. Unfortunately, that movie was Kalank (2019). I never got his number after that.

What is the thing about her that you admire the most?

There’s not just one thing I like about her. She is just so talented! And the first time I saw her, it was a scary moment for me.

Celebrity weddings are making a lot of noise on social media. As a content creator, do you feel pressure to pander to audience intrigue with your videos in such cases?

I’ve been here since the beginning of content creation. And I don’t normally do content based on trending topics.

So what made you want to make a video about Ralia’s wedding?

With her, I had a past (laughs). It’s out there and like you said I’m very vocal about how much I love it. Otherwise, I’m not going to look for trends and celebrity weddings.

But you made a video at actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ wedding in 2018…

Yes, that was the only other time. I did it because Priyanka was getting married to Nick (Jonas; singer), and my name is also Nick.


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