Ex-Disney CEO Calls Mandalorian, Loki a Movie Contest


Former Disney CEO Bob Iger says The Mandalorian and Loki prove that a Disney+ series can be just as successful as theatrical releases.

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger tagged The Mandalorian and Loki as a film competition.

Talk to The New York Times, Iger explained how some of the Disney+ shows should stand on par with the movies. “If you were to watch some of the movies,” he said, “some of the television shows that Disney has done — The Mandalorian being one, the Marvel series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki — each of them is a movie. So…theaters have a lot more competition than they’ve ever had before.”

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Iger went on to explain how the way audiences consume content is changing. “It’s not even about watching a movie on the big screen or at home. It’s just that you have so many more choices at home,” Iger explained. “Think of how many TV shows we’re talking about – at a pretty good, much better level of quality, from a production value standpoint, than it was before.”

Iger also noted that this surge in streaming popularity, such as Disney+ recently surpassed Netflix movie viewership, could seriously damage theaters. “I don’t think it’s death. I think it’s a serious injury that may not heal. And what I mean by that is that it’s not life-threatening. It could be fatal to some,” he said. “However, they’ll be a lot more, I think, discerning what movies they want to see out of the house, where you’re likely, I think, to say or ask, wait a minute, is that a movie I have need to see it on the big screen and do all this, or can I wait or even not wait, for that matter, and see it at home?”

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There’s some substance to Iger’s comments, as theaters have taken an almighty blow during the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in many streaming-only releases. Disney struggled to balance streaming and movie releases last year, including Black Widow, with Scarlett Johansson taking legal action after Disney promised a cinema-exclusive release. However, this has since been resolved.

Iger’s examples of The Mandalorian and Loki are perfect for showing how series and theatrical releases can be on equal footing, as both Disney+ shows debuted to widespread success and popularity. The Mandalorian spawned two spin-off series, with Boba Fett’s Book currently streaming and Ahsoka Coming soon. Loki has also seen some success, being renewed for a second season which is rumored to begin filming later this year.

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Source: The New York Times

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