Europe is making green films, what’s stopping us?



To disseminate this initiative in favor of the environment on a global scale, on June 29, the European Union in Bangladesh invited the organization’s cinematography commissioner, also a world-renowned Italian filmmaker, Alberto Battocchi, to lead a special session called a masterclass on environmentally friendly films. The Masterclass took place within the framework of the Bangladesh European Film Festival, accessible via the site, and was broadcast live from the Facebook pages of the Daily Prothom Alo as well as from the European Union in Bangladesh.

Eight moviegoers participated in the event, moderated by Gopa Biswas Caesar – assistant professor in the Department of Film, Television and Photography at Dhaka University – after a very competitive selection process.

Needless to say, this was organized with the current climate crisis scenario in mind. The online session provided a remarkable opportunity for emerging directors to learn more about green film production. According to Battochi, making an eco-friendly film involves several steps: choosing accommodation as close as possible, preferably within 10 km of the filming location, while using energy-efficient cars to reduce consumption. fuel ; save energy by using LED lights; eliminate plastic from food services; selection of environmentally friendly materials; waste management through efficient separation; and, communicate the importance of making sustainable films by engaging movie celebrities.



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