Estate planners around the world now have a comprehensive and convenient client-based approach to digital estate planning


TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sharon Hartung, Captain (Retired), P.Eng., TEP, Founder of Your Digital Undertaker® and recognized as one of the leading and original voices in digital estate planning globally, and Jennifer L. ZegelEsq, Practice Leader of Kleinbard LLC Trusts and Estates Groupannounce the launch of their book: Digital Asset Tangle: Unraveling the Intersection of Inheritance Laws and Technology.

published by LexisNexisa world leader in information for legal professionals, Tangle of digital assets focuses on how technology has disrupted the traditionally paper-based real estate industry by using a personality-based client/user framework for global advisors and clients to navigate the complexities of the digital world.

The authors illustrate these complexities using the intriguing case study of Quadriga Fintech Solutions and the now defunct cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX. Through the case of trustee in bankruptcy Quadriga, the authors educate real estate advisors on the legal considerations and technical management practices surrounding digital assets, including the potential financial and emotional losses resulting from undisclosed or inaccessible digital assets.

“The problem when it comes to digital assets is that many advisors may not appreciate the potential pitfalls, barriers to access, expenses and losses that can be at risk when proper action is not taken. , because until now, digital asset planning has never been necessary,” says Hartung. “The intriguing and revealing story of QuadrigaCX, as told in the foreword to the book by sheona mcdonaldaward-winning documentary filmmaker Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mysterycomplements the book’s case study and should alarm estate planning professionals if digital estate planning has not taken place.

Kimberley A. Whaley, CS, PET, LLMFounding Partner of WEL Partnerscomments in it book review“Sharon has kept us all digitally aware over the past few years. The recent publication is the most detailed guide yet to estate planning and the digital world. The book is fascinating, filled with draft clauses to planning purposes, a review of property laws, intellectual property and the intersection of technology. I highly recommend that you read it.”

Mark O’Farrell, BA, CLU, CHFC, TEP, CEA, President of The Canadian Institute of Accredited Executive Consultants said, “In the context of the blockbuster Quadriga case, potentially one of the most calamitous real estate cases in recent history, Hartung and Zegel draw, with forensic precision, the lessons to be learned by everyone and anyone involved in estate planning and settlement.

Clients of estate planners will choose organizations that are tech-savvy and have the right processes and tools to manage their digital and physical lives in estate planning. Digital Asset Tangle: Unraveling the Intersection of Inheritance Laws and Technology is a valuable introductory reference for any advisor looking to understand the technology frontier and how to address the implications for clients. This book is particularly important for:

  • Estate Lawyers, Estate Planners, Estate Practitioners, Financial Advisors, Wealth Management Advisors, Tax Advisors and Insurance Advisors

  • Real estate and legal industry educators looking for a case study for education, course work, panels, articles, conferences, or continuing education offerings such as CLE credits

  • Law and business schools offering technology courses

“We appreciate the benefits that technology brings to our lives, but if proper advance planning is not done, digital assets often become difficult to access after death for a variety of legal, practical, and technical reasons,” says Jennifer Zegel. . “Sharon and I wrote this book to help advisors and professionals across all sectors of the real estate industry consider digital assets in corporate processes, policies and procedures to not only protect themselves, but also to establish new best practices to help customers plan in a digital landscape.

Sharon’s first book, Your Digital Undertaker: Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada, examines digital assets in the context of an individual’s or client’s estate planning lifecycle. His second book, Digital Executor®: discovering the new way of estate planning explores how the proliferation of digital assets is making technology the new player at the estate planning table and predicts how innovation will disrupt and digitize the real estate industry (#estatetech.)

Digital Asset Tangle: Unraveling the Intersection of Inheritance Laws and Technology is available on LexisNexis.

About Sharon Hartung, your digital undertaker®:

Sharon Hartung, Captain (Retired), PEng, MSc, BEng, PMP®, CD, TEP, rmc, is the founder of Your Digital Undertaker®, which provides Digital Executor® guidance to advisors and clients on aspects of technological management of digital assets in estate planning. With extensive experience in IT management, project management and consulting, she brings a multidisciplinary approach to better understand the role of digital asset management in estate planning and administration.

Sharon is a Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (WALK) member, was a member of the committee both STEP Digital Assets Special Interest Group and STEP’s Global Thought Leadership Team. As a STEP thought leader, she has provided advice on the technology management aspects of digital assets to embed the engagement of practitioners, service providers and businesses into the DNA of modern estate planning. Sharon helped shape STEP’s new public campaign, Protect Your Digital Memories educate the public on how to protect their digital heritage and memories for future generations. The campaign was inspired by the results of the STEP report’s global benchmark survey, Digital Assets: A Call to Actionwhich was co-written by Sharon and the Cloud Legal Project at Queen Mary University of London. She was recently named a finalist in the 17th edition of the STEP Private Client Awards: practice of the year in digital assets.

About Jennifer L. Zegel, Esq.

Jennifer L. Zegel, Esquire, LL.M., TEP, is a partner at Kleinbard LLC and practice leader of the firm’s Trusts and Estates group in Philadelphia. A sought-after speaker on digital assets and blockchain technology, she regularly presents at national and international conferences and publishes frequently on these topics. Jennifer is a Fellow of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and is a committee member and co-deputy of the STEP Global Digital Assets Special Interest Group. She is also the secretary of the Board of Diversity in Blockchain, a national non-profit organization. After earning her BA from Temple University, Jennifer earned her JD at Rutgers University School of Law, then returned to Temple University School of Law for her LL.M. in Taxation.

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