Drushyam 2 review: Jeethu Joseph keeps it simple and relatable


Jeethu Joseph directed the Telugu remake of Drishyam 2, which is the sequel to the 2013 blockbuster Drishyam. The successful filmmaker had taken a back seat by cultivating the direction of Drushyam in Sripriya. He had made some micro-improvements to the Telugu script, making it sharper and more precise than the original Malayalam.

After Drishyam’s worldwide success, Jeethu, by his own admission, was determined not to make a follow-up film as it risked ruining the memory of the first film. He must have thought there was no way he could make the sequel bigger and more entertaining than the first film, which had already exceeded all expectations. No one, including Jeethu, could have predicted the success of Drishyam and the subsequent success of its remakes in all languages. It was wise of Jeethu not to tarnish the film’s reputation by attempting a sequel.

Jeethu Joseph would have groped and maybe misfired if he had wanted to bow to the large-scale market that Drishyam had created. Instead, it chooses to keep it simple, real, and relatable, giving audiences a more intimate look at the family, which is at the center of this franchise.

If Drushyam was a thriller, the sequel is a real family drama because the movie only makes your nails bite your nails in the last 30 minutes. The film engages us emotionally as it examines the different strengths and weaknesses of human characters. As Rambabu (Venkatesh) continues to be a cold-hearted man willing to do anything to protect his family, the film explores the depths of Jyothi (Meena). Jyothi’s fears, his frustration at being kept away from the truth, and the endless trauma caused by the events of the fateful night are the main source of drama.

Jyothi’s nervous energy is the first rift in Rambabu’s armor. Jeethu intelligently explores the urge of an average human to share his deepest secrets in order to reduce the load on his chest. Not everyone can be as willful as Rambabu, where secrets will die.

The filmmaker, who also wrote Drushyam 2, examines other human conditions like how the townspeople, who once stood alongside Rambabu and his family, change their minds over time. And all the gossip and rumors stem from the fact that many are jealous of Rambabu’s financial growth. He now owns a fancy cinema and wants to make a blockbuster movie.

Rambabu, who was a frugal businessman in Drushyam, has now become a spender. He takes more risks in his businesses and has also developed a habit of drinking. And he seems to have forgotten the crime, even though he remains the main gossip in the village even after six years. Now he’s only focused on making a good movie, and he’s no longer bothered by the seemingly endless police investigation. Where is he really?

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