Downton Abbey 2 star Elizabeth McGovern says filming is like the TV series, and has a funny reason why


Translate an experience like Downton Abbey Going from a hit TV series to a hit theatrical franchise isn’t easy. In some cases, big differences are needed to make the world that worked on the small screen read properly in the movies. However, there are some things that remain the same, leading stars of the show like Elizabeth McGovern to make a fun remark about how filming star-studded movie Downton Abbey 2 is just like the episodic filming process.

Such a thing that hasn’t changed, according to the humorous spin McGovern gave OK! Review (via The daily mail), is apparently the restoration situation. The woman we know as Cora Crawley, the Countess of Grantham, can’t be blamed for her initial reaction to the 2019 production Downton Abbey: the movie. It is, after all, a great Hollywood movie; and this kind of productions is known for its splashes. As Elizabeth McGovern laid out her preconceptions and how they were deconstructed, it turned out that the making of this particular film was more business as usual than anything else:

The funny thing is that it felt very similar. I thought the snacks on the [film] the whole thing would be better but no… they weren’t. We were in the same house, we stayed in the same small guest rooms around [Highclere Castle].

Even though the production process may not have changed since Downton Abbey Jumping between screens, the scope of the stories told by writer/creator Julian Fellowes is where the main differences seem to lie. We learned as much in 2019, when director Michael Engler confirmed that moving on to stories like a royal visit to Downton was the crucial ingredient of the transfer to the cinema.

This formula is still in play, because Downton Abbey: A New Era will focus on the mysterious past of the Dowager Countess, with a trip to the south of France expanding the story into an international context. With this kind of action waiting behind the scenes, you can see how the finished product of Downton Abbey the films would be different from that of the series.

Just as fans noted how the scope and scale of that first installment grew to accommodate the franchise’s latest medium, Elizabeth McGovern noted the differences in the finished product. Even more surprised by the whole effort, she concluded her thoughts on the matter thus:

The movie looked and felt so much bigger, expansive, and more ambitious than the TV show, but the actual act of filming it is really the same. You still have to hit your marks and say your lines. So that was a little surprising to me.

Overall, the results of the Downton Abbey So far, the movie franchise has been a great example of a proper transition from a television show to a theatrical event. Break box office records with the best Focus Features opening ever, the first film collected a huge windfall that almost ensured that a sequel had to happen. Gradually expand the scope Downtownthere’s no rush to turn this dramatic saga into a flamboyant cinematic spectacle.

While it seems like the production process has more than likely stayed the same for the second feature adaptation, hopefully the snacking situation has been improved with the inclusion of exotic locations. We’ll just have to wait and see if the topic comes up again in the future press blitz for this new adventure, because by now everyone is probably curious as to what Elizabeth McGovern’s thoughts are after this final round.

In case you’re still thinking somehow Downton Abbey: A New Era hits theaters this Friday, the most recent delay pushed the film in a later-than-expected release window. UK audiences will be able to see the next chapter of the Crawley family debut on April 29, while US fans are set for a May 20 release date on the home front. For further updates on the new movie releases of 2022, the full recap is available to answer any burning questions you may have.


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