“Don’t blame us for the Faaltu movies!”


Mass Maharaja’s Ramarao On Duty was released yesterday to terrible reviews. The film is heavily criticized for its lousy script, boring storytelling, and tasteless direction.

The movie actually had a decent opening in a few parts of the Telugu states, but the audience is clearly flabbergasted.

The majority of viewers who watched the film on day one lambasted the creators of Ramarao On Duty on social media, saying it is shameful for the creators to blame the audience for not coming to the cinema when they continue to make such outdated films. and boring movies.

Many were talking about how creators can expect audiences to come to theaters and embrace these “Faaltu” movies, which aren’t even worth watching on OTT platforms.

Week after week, Tollywood delivers lackluster and uninteresting movies, and the situation is getting worse for the industry. Business analysts say movies like Ramarao On Duty do more harm than good because audiences will stay away from even good movies because of those bad experiences.

Hopefully things improve with movies like Bimbisara and Sitaramam getting decent coverage in business circles.

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