Doctor G movie review: Ayushmann Khurrana dares to lose his “masculine touch” to seduce us! (Last exclusive)


Doctor G movie review: That Ayushmann Khurrana charms audiences every time he appears on screen is obvious. That he brings a rare blend of vulnerability and intelligence that works for him is equally evident. A quick glance at his filmography quickly reveals that the charmer doesn’t shy away from appearing in topical, socially relevant and genuinely grounded films. Inside Anubhauti Kashyap’s directorial adventure Doctor G, Khurrana attempts to deliver a strong message with a very balanced performance. With its sincerity, Khurrana seduces you in a project that remains unequal in the delivery of entertainment. Doctor G: Ayushmann Khurrana’s film obtains “A” certification, Makers Happy car “No Cuts Suggested”

Sometimes the intentions behind the making of the film are so compelling that they force you to overlook any flaws that arise. It is certainly not a Vicky Donor or one Badhai Ho, but Doctor G most definitely has its moment which will see you sometimes laughing and then, sometimes, ruminating. The film deals with a range of traits that femininity understands – from her sexuality, her mistakes, her desires and her triumphs in a very non-preaching style that ends up working. This company isn’t entirely entertaining, but the fun is in the clean lines, heartfelt performances from the actors, and its overall treatment.

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Doctor G depicts the journey of ambitious medical student Udaya Gupta (Ayushmann). The young boy aspires to become an orthopedic surgeon, but due to difficult circumstances, he sees himself enrolling for a degree in gynecology in order to obtain his seat in orthopedics (in the same hospital, to replace it when it becomes vacant. ) Initially reluctant to grasp the subject, which he believes is more “suitable” for women, Gupta ultimately decides to stay put to lose his “Male Touch” in order to serve in the truest sense of the word. Rakul Preet Singh’s intimate birthday celebration with Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora and Bhumi Pednekar is where the party is (See pics)

Simply put, this is a wonderful concept that is very important to discuss. The canvas is very wide here and the creators clearly want to capture all possible issues in a nuanced way. While they succeed in some parts, some parts lack the bite they needed and the impact they should have left behind. The love story between Ayushmann and Rakul Preet, for example, doesn’t particularly stand out as this track seems hastily written. The strong character of Shefali Shah, as the HOD of the Gynecology Department, on the other hand, stays with you through the powerful performance delivered with tremendous conviction.

Luckily, Dr. Uday Gupta isn’t reduced to being a sobering mess. You can sympathize with him, but he never comes across as a pitiful character, even when his chips are down. All thanks to the clever writing and the tense screenplay. There are obvious flaws in the first half of the film as you feel that some characters are just tossed around and some footage could have been cut out. For example, Gupta makes fun of his entire class, consisting of all women, looks juvenile and even cringe-worthy. Rakul Preet Singh writes the sweetest birthday note for “Soul Sista” Lakshmi Manchu on Instagram!

With plenty of subtext to deal with, the film’s second half tends to get a bit preachy with the message about societal bias hammered home endlessly. It takes away from the fun quotient of the film, but the story continues to engage you thanks to the hard-hitting performances. A special mention here for Sheeba Chaddha who wins our vote with her acting prowess as Dr. Gupta’s doting mother. Chaddha has a range that must be exploited by our filmmakers.

When it comes to performances, Ayushmann Khurrana is both sincere and charming once again with his craft. Rakul Preet Singh has a commanding presence and she looks pretty for the character that has been etched. Shefali Shah and Sheeba Chaddha add weight to the proceedings.

Final Thoughts

Doctor G works because even with its glaring glitches, it’s still a lighthearted comedy with situations and characters that are relatable. Director Anubhuti Kashyap tries to convey important messages with the competent support of this cast that dares to go beyond the obvious!

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