Do you prefer a final season or a wrap-up film for canceled shows? (SURVEY) | Tendency



Sadly, our favorite shows can’t go on forever. But if we’re lucky, they come out as planned as those on the show decide it’s time to say goodbye or have enough time to create a proper finale.

Sometimes, however, that’s not the case, and a show can be canceled after filming is finished or what ends up being the series finale has aired. (Are we still upset by Prodigal son? Yes.) But in some very lucky cases fans get the closure they need, whether it’s with a final season (or more) or a wrap-up movie.

For example, shows like Brooklyn nine-nine, Last man standingand The Mindy project continued to air multiple seasons after their original homes (Fox, ABC, and Fox, respectively) canceled them and they were rescued (by NBC, Fox, and Hulu, respectively). Lucifer and ManifestoOriginally on Fox and NBC, have both been backed up by Netflix for the last few seasons, though the former ended up getting a second season (its sixth) before going offline.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Ray donovan were both canceled after the airing of their last episodes, and both got wrap movies. Zoey’s moved on to The Roku Channel for the Christmas event, while Showtime brought back Ray donovan for the next farewell. Timeless is a very rare example of a show that hasn’t been canceled twice by its original network, with NBC bringing it back for a second season and then a wrap-up film.

But do you have a preference for how a canceled show returns, or are you just happy to get something? Do the past few seasons make you think there’s more hope beyond that (like with what happened with Luciferwhile a synthesis film prepares you to say goodbye for good? Or is the shutdown what really matters to you, so until the follow-up introduces a ton of new mysteries, are you happy? Let us know in the poll below.



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