David Cronenberg expects walkouts in first 5 minutes of new movie


Future Crimes director David Cronenberg says he expects walkouts within the first five minutes when his new body horror flick premieres at Cannes.

David Cronenberg expects walkouts in the first five minutes when his new film Future Crimes plays in Cannes. Cronenberg has of course earned a reputation as a master of body horror with masterpieces like Scanners, Fly and Accident. But the Canadian director then moved away from the genre that made him famous to focus on prestige dramas like A history of violence and Eastern promises.

Now with his latest movie Future Crimes, Cronenberg ran another 180 career and unexpectedly returned to the world of body horror. And gruesome, the movie does indeed appear to be, as teased in a recent Future Crimes red band trailer. Starring frequent Cronenberg collaborator Viggo Mortensen, the film is about a performance artist who grows strange organs inside his body and exposes his bizarre metamorphoses to the public. The film stars Lea Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Don McKellar and Scott Speedman.


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Clearly, Cronenberg didn’t pack a punch with his latest horror take on human bodies undergoing weird and horrifying changes. In effect, Future Crimes is so gruesome in its depictions of futuristic surgery and other bodily outrages that the director actually expects many of his audiences won’t be able to stand it. Talk to IndiewireCronenberg spoke about the film’s upcoming Cannes premiere and said he expected some people to leave early:

“I expect walkouts at Cannes, and that’s something very special. There are some very strong scenes. I mean, I’m sure we’ll have walkouts in the first five minutes of the movie. J am sure.

“Some people who saw the movie said they thought the last 20 minutes would be very hard on people and there would be a lot of walkouts. One guy said he almost had a panic attack. people always go out [at Cannes], and the seats notoriously slam when you stand up, as the seats fold down and hit the seat back. So you hear clack, clack, clack.

Kristen Stewart in Future Crimes

Indeed just the fact that Future Crimes ever made is something of an unlikely story given the film’s long and difficult path to the screen. Originally slated to begin production in 2003 under the title Painkillers, the film was supposed to star Nicolas Cage as performance artist Saul Tenser until Ralph Fiennes was recast in the role. Unfortunately, the film never happened in its original form, and Cronenberg later claimed he was no longer interested in directing the project. But clearly the spark has returned and it will no doubt be a rewarding experience for the director when Future Crimes finally arrives in theaters and begins to weave its gruesome spell on audiences, causing panic attacks and forcing some to rush for the exits.

Many filmmakers would of course be offended at the sight of people coming out of their new movie. But it appears Cronenberg is eagerly waiting for a good chunk of his Cannes crowd to noisily leave their seats and head for the exits. Cronenberg’s whole remark about people having panic attacks during the movie actually sounds like a great marketing line, kinda like The Exorcist using reports of passed out people to help sell this classic film to horror-hungry audiences in 1973. Future Crimes is scheduled for wide release on June 10, 2022.

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