David Ayer recalls writing training day before film’s 20th anniversary


Writer-turned-director David Ayer looks back on his screenplay for Training Day 2001 ahead of the iconic crime drama’s 20th anniversary.

Screenwriter David Ayer took to Twitter to reflect on his iconic 2001 screenplay Training day. The memory coincides with the popular crime drama 20e birthday next month. Training day follows a Day in the Life of Jake Hoyt, a rookie LAPD narcotics agent, played by Ethan Hawke, as Denzel Washington’s Alonzo Harris takes him to gang-plagued neighborhoods for a heart-wrenching one-day assessment.

The film won nominations and acting awards for its two lead roles, including an Oscar for Best Actor for Washington. It also launched the career of David Ayer, who would go on to co-write the first Fast and furious script and become a blockbuster director himself. Training day was led by Antoine Fuqua, who will team up again with Washington for the Equalizer cinema and The Magnificent Seven.

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Ayer uploaded three photos of the script to Twitter, along with the caption: “The things you find when you aren’t looking …” In addition to the script’s title page, Ayer included shots from two of the film’s most memorable scenes. One features the two main characters getting high in a cafe (“Tell me a story, HoytCommand Alonzo). The other photo captures a clip of the tense scene in which Alonzo forces his intern to smoke marijuana at gunpoint, only to later admit that it was in fact PCP. Check out Ayer’s photos below:

The film was only Ayer’s second screenplay, following the 2000 submarine set U-571. However, Training day is infinitely quotable, producing gems such as the iconic “King Kong has nothing on me!from Washington. Ayer’s Twitter uploads effectively capture the complexity of his character-driven storyline, particularly the scene in which Alonzo holds the rookie at gunpoint. He not only portrays Alonzo as existing at the Link of a wise mentor and a corrupt cop, but also shows his thinking with a head start, as the scene will return to haunt Hoyt later in the film. As Alonzo himself admits, “These are failures, they are not checkers.

Training dayThe fan base of has only grown since its release 20 years ago, so it stands to reason that producers are hoping to capitalize on a spin-off or reboot. There was one attempt in 2017 at the premiere of a serial version of the film, but it was canceled after a season after star Bill Paxton’s tragic death. Since 2019, Training day receives prequel treatment at Warner Bros. The prequel is expected to follow a young Alonzo Harris in the spring of 1992, just before the LA riots. Although Nick Yarborough has been asked to write the screenplay, no director is yet attached. It is also not known whether Fuqua or Ayer will be involved in the project. Hopefully the Yarborough script will be able to capture the same chaotic, touching energy that Ayer achieved in 2001.

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Source: David Ayer/ Twitter

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