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Daniel Craig has a great movie regret – but he won’t admit which one.

‘No Time To Die’ star – who just wrapped up his last movie as a suave James Bond spy – says he regrets a movie and used to ‘throw VHS under the counter’ whenever he saw it at his local video rental store.

When asked if he regretted movie roles, he replied, “Yes. I don’t mean which movie, because it’s not fair. I used to get into Blockbuster. – which shows you how old he is – and it would be on the shelves, maybe not even the DVD but the VHS, I grabbed it and threw it under the counter.

“I know it was just a small demonstration – it was just my Blockbuster – but it was a way for me to never see this movie again. But I never really regretted anything desperately. either. I think once you engage in something, you go there: this is it, this is what it is, good or bad. “

Daniel has had a number of mentors over the year who have helped “gently push him” into making films.

He told The Guardian newspaper: “I was very lucky to have a few mentors, including Mary Selway, a casting director who sadly passed away. I wanted to make interesting and groundbreaking films, but I didn’t know how. to do it. I was gently pushed by people like Mary. Mother and Love is the Devil are two films she helped me make decisions about. “

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