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Let’s take a look at some of the big movies coming this summer.

Summer is traditionally the season when Hollywood releases its biggest blockbusters of the year. The thrill of sights and sounds; the smell of movie theater popcorn; the feeling of solidarity with other cinephiles caught up in the adventure that unfolds before them and returning to the summer night transformed by the experience of going to the cinema. But times have changed, and with more content available on streaming platforms, the very survival of movie theaters is in question. The summer of 2022 will be a test for the future of Hollywood blockbusters – many of the new releases were completed before the COVID-19 pandemic and are finally seeing the light of day on the big screen. Let’s take a look at some of the big movies coming this summer.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Release date: Now in theaters

Ahead of its May 6 release, some questions have been raised about the PG-13 rating for this 2016 sequel. strange doctor. Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, compared Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in an 80s horror film. Coupled with the addition of director Sam Raimi (creator of the evil Dead franchise and the original Spider Man with Tobey Maguire), which is known for its dazzling horror elements, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness tries to categorize itself as more than just a superhero movie. At the same time, like so many superhero epics these days, it’s tied, almost coerced, into adhering to the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” (MCU), with its constant cross-references to other franchises and characters. The film achieved early success upon its release, trailing only Spider-Man: No Coming Home in ticket presales in the age of the pandemic. But the sharp decline in box office sales over the following weeks suggests Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a minor entry in the MCU. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role, the film stars Elizabeth Olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Xochitl Gomez, Michael Stuhlbarg and Rachel McAdams.

Top Gun: Maverick

Release date: May 27

There are many celebrities and Hollywood stars, but there is only one Tom Cruise and one Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. More than 35 years after the 1986 blockbuster Upper gun, Cruise returns to one of his most beloved roles in a sequel that was initially met with skepticism when the project was announced a few years ago. But anticipation has grown significantly during the pandemic, with the film being repeatedly delayed before settling on May 27 for release. Projections point to both commercial and critical success for the film, which follows test pilot Maverick training a new team of fighter pilots. Cruise, who turns 60 in July, shows no signs of slowing down. Here in Upper gun, he is backed by frequent collaborators Joseph Kosinski, who directed, and Christopher McQuarrie, who co-wrote the screenplay. Val Kilmer and Jennifer Connelly reprise their roles from the original film and are joined by Miles Teller, Jon Hamm and Ed Harris.

Jurassic World Dominion

Release date: June 10

Another new movie, another sequel. Jurassic World Dominion marks the third film in the rebooted jurassic park series, sequel jurassic world (2015) and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018). What should interest fans for this go-around is that they will see Dr. Grant (Sam Neill), Dr. Sattler (Laura Dern) and Dr. Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), heroes of the first jurassic parkgigantic tube of Steven Spielberg of 1993. They join the recurring characters of jurassic world trilogy, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard). Colin Trevorrow directs.

Light year

Release date: June 17

Chris Evans voices the character of Buzz Lightyear in an origin story/spin-off from the popular toy story franchise. Light yearproduced by Pixar Animation and distributed by Walt Disney Studios, follows astronaut Buzz Lightyear, who is described as the human inspiration for the toy version of the character we meet in toy story (voiced by Tim Allen in these films). Lightyear is marooned on a hostile planet with his crew and must find a way home. Directed by Agnus MacLane, who previously directed Finding Dory (2016).


Release date: June 24

The king is alive! Baz Luhrmann (Ballroom strictly, red Mill) directs this stylish biopic about Elvis Presley. It promises to include many unique Luhrmann flourishes, so audiences shouldn’t expect the typical biopic to sound like those of other musicians, like Ray and walk the line. Elvis is less of a comprehensive biographical story and focuses on the relationship between Elvis (Austin Butler) and his manager, Dutch-born Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). It was Parker who discovered Elvis in 1955 and had a huge influence on the superstar’s career path, including the many musicals that dominated Presley’s career before his comeback tour in 1968.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Release date: July 8

Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster returns to the Thor franchise, starring Chris Hemsworth in his ninth outing as Mighty Thor. Another production delayed due to COVID-19, Thor: Love and Thunder follows Thor’s mission to stop the villainous Gorr (Christian Bale). As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder features a plethora of MCU characters, including those from guardians of the galaxyand features a wide range of recognizable names: in addition to Hemsworth, Portman and Bale, Russell Crowe plays Zeus, Tessa Thompson is Valkyrie, and Jeff Goldblum, Matt Damon, Sam Neill, Luke Hemsworth and Melissa McCarthy also take part in the stock.


Release date: July 22

Director Jordan Peele (Exit, We) wrote, produced and directed this sci-fi horror film about a bizarre event that haunts the residents of a remote California town. Daniel Kaluuya, star of Peele’s get out, is the leader here. Keke Palmer plays his wife.


Release date: August 26

Sylvester Stallone joins the superhero craze in what promises to be a darker take on the genre. Based on the Mythos Comics graphic novels, Stallone plays Joe Smith, the main character referred to as “Samaritan”. It was long believed that Samaritan was dead, but a young boy comes to believe that he is still alive and sets out to contact his hero. Samaritan is another film that has been repeatedly delayed due to COVID-19. Stallone also co-produced the film, which premiered under Stallone’s Balboa Productions banner. Little is known about the film, and its late summer release could work for Samaritan‘s advantage, given the relative obscurity of IP. Julius Avery conducts.


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