Civil war was all set up for one scene


While dissecting their career for QGthe Russos reunite with the theme of ‘Civil War’ and the security tape that brought down the Avengers, but it was Joe Russo who believed Zemo’s big reveal was the basis of everything the movie is about had built so far:

“That was really the core idea, where everything in the film was heading towards, is, ‘How do we put them on either side, and then how do we create a moment of crisis for both of them, around this very personal revelation? “

What really makes this scene so special is that it’s one of the few times the stakes actually mean something. One of the biggest drawbacks for the MCU is having this foreknowledge that a character is going to appear in another “Avengers” movie, or get their own Disney+ show, which puts them at risk. Even the royal rumble of “Civil War” at the airport, while incredibly entertaining, lacks the real tension for them to get hurt or even die. It feels like everyone is pulling their punches, and when they put one in, it’s accidental.

The opening makes it seem like Bucky’s acquisition of the super-soldier serum was just another job, when in fact the car he stops contains nothing but Howard (John Slatter) and Maria Stark (Hope Davis). When Zemo (Daniel Brühl) unleashes the bombshell that Bucky (Sebastian Stan) was behind their deaths, albeit inadvertently, you’re presented with three different, albeit similar, perspectives that make for a great pre-showdown.


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