City approval moves Winrock project forward


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – People have been waiting for more than a decade for the promised Winrock Town Center to be completed. After countless challenges and delays, the developers say the project is about to take off. The estimated completion date has been repeatedly pushed back, now the owners have obtained city approval to move forward with one of the biggest attractions.

The vision is an open-air shopping district, complete with a hotel, IMAX theater, parks, condos, and offices. In 2015, the developers told us that the project would be completed by 2018. Since then, the completion date has been pushed back again and again. “It’s a very complicated project, unlike anything done in Albuquerque,” said Darin Sand of the Goodman Realty Group.

Some progress has been made over the years, the theater opened in 2013. A few more restaurants and stores have moved in, and New Mexico Orthopedics has also made Winrock Town Center its home. But it still doesn’t look like what was promised.

“Winrock is not a project,” explained Sand. “You can think of it as five or six different projects, each with their challenges,” Sand said.

Now Sand says they are close to delivering on that promise. “Construction will start this year and continue for a few years,” he told KRQE.

On Wednesday, a planning commission approved plans for a park that will go between the two Dillards. The park will include a lake in the middle, an amphitheater for outdoor entertainment and a children’s play area. Sand says it will transform the outdoor space. “A lot of competitive cities and big cities have equipment like this,” Sand said. “That’s something we want to bring to Albuquerque,” he told KRQE.

Sand says he expects construction on the park to begin this summer, he says if all goes according to plan, the park should be finished by the summer of 2023. Construction of a 150-room hotel rooms and a 200-unit apartment complex is also expected to begin this year. .


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