Cinema condemns Democratic leadership for ‘mysterious’ failure to vote on infrastructure bill


Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema was torn apart by Democratic leaders on Saturday for calling the vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill an “unforgivable” failure.

“The United States House of Representatives could not vote In a lengthy statement, moderate Democrats are unforgivable when it comes to infrastructure investment and employment legislation and are deeply disappointed with our national community. “It hurts my family every day. ”

“We need more time,” Pelosi said after admitting defeat of infrastructure bill: LiveUpdate

The House vote on bipartisan legislation has been postponed as the left wing of the Democratic caucus refused to support the bill unless there is agreement on another 3 budget adjustment package, $ 5 trillion containing left-wing spending priorities and tax increases. it was done.

Democrats admitted there was no vote to pass the infrastructure bill, and talks with moderate Democrats, including Cinema, are still underway to reach agreement on a settlement. The moderates sought to lower the massive price tag of the bill, which could pass the Senate unimpeded to Republican obstructions if it could inspire support from the Senate’s 50 Democrats.

After the progressive wing deployed its political force to block the infrastructure package, Cinema accused it of “an ineffective blow to take advantage of another proposal.”

“My vote belongs to Arizona and I am not trading my vote for political advantages. I only vote on what is best for my state and my country, ”she said. .. “I have never negotiated and will continue to negotiate to hold one ticket hostage to another.”

Lawmakers said they helped bring forward the infrastructure bill while negotiating the settlement “in good faith”.

BIDEN SAYS “Everyone is frustrated. As the agenda stalls in the AMIDDE M division of Congress

“But honest negotiations require trust,” she said. “Over the course of this year, Democratic leaders have made conflicting promises that they couldn’t keep everything, and at times, even though these disagreements were repeatedly and directly exposed, opinions within the party. Pretended the difference didn’t exist. Publicly. “

“The revocation of a vote on infrastructure further undermines its credibility. More importantly, it is our country’s key to betraying the credibility Americans have given their elected leaders and expanding economic opportunities. I deny the investment, ”she said.

Bill Maher defends Cinema, Manchin: They “may have more approvals about the average Democratic heartbeat.”

A statement from Cinema was released hours after President Biden told the Democratic Party that “everyone was upset” but “worked like hell” to get the bill passed.

“I support both and I think we can accomplish both,” he said.

On Saturday, the White House also released a statement indicating that Biden left the meeting with the Democrats in the Caucus on Friday.

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“The president and his team will continue to have close ties with members of the House of Representatives and the Senate throughout the weekend,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. “And he looks forward to not only welcoming members to the White House next week, but also traveling the country to assert his bold and ambitious agenda.”

In a letter on Saturday, Pelosi said he wanted Democrats to pass an infrastructure bill by the end of October.

“Last night, after a significant 30-day extension, there was a deadline for water transport approval of October 31st. You must pass. [Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework] Long before that – the sooner you get the job done, the better. “

Cinema condemns Democratic leadership for ‘mysterious’ failure to vote on infrastructure bill

Source link The cinema condemns the democratic leadership for its “mysterious” failure to vote on the infrastructure bill


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