Chris Evans has the power to keep Christian Slater’s trend going for 24 hours


Captain America has superhuman agility, strength, speed, stamina, and apparently a superhuman ability to make the 80s trend on Twitter. Thursday, Chris evans went viral for making a clever observation on Christian slater looking incredibly Christian Slater-ish, tweeting that “If Christian Slater from 1989 walked into the room, and I had never heard his name before, and I had to guess what it was just from his appearance, I would guess ‘Christian Slater’. ‘”

Evans’ comedic insight into the essence of Christian Slater has earned him over 108,000 likes and has kept the heather stars on Twitter for over 24 hours. While he didn’t get a response from Slater himself, the conversation on Twitter turned into a celebration of Slater’s personality, especially his brooding good looks. “If Christian Slater from 1989 walked into my room his name would be the last thing I think of,” tweeted @ginge_worthy, with a GIF of Blanche Devereaux from Rue McClanahan from Daddy’s Girls literally watering.

Evans’ foray into observational comedy isn’t the first time he’s taken the internet by storm. In September 2020, Evans accidentally shared and deleted a photo of what appeared to be a blurry photo of his erect penis with his 6.2 million followers. (He later continued the Tamron Hall Show and described the incident as a “Learning moment”.) This take on social media virality for Evans is decidedly healthier and asks a question: how did he come to this insightful observation? A quick review of the responses and quotes from tweets suggests that many Twitter users believe he may have been in an altered state before offering this hot shot. As Last week tonight writer Ali Barthwell wrote in response to Evans’ tweet, “This man is HIGH.”

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