Chevy Teal-Accented seems doubly capable of rolling out a drive-in cinema anywhere


Although we have become accustomed to some type of elegant or overdone rides of the WhipAddict channel on YouTube, it’s always nice to break the mold. With something eccentric, of course.

Automotive aficionados with a knack for the Hi-riser aftermarket niche have plenty of reasons to follow the exploits of this particular social media channel. And there is practically something for everyone. From traditional Impala donkeys to classic or modern rides that have been personalized with meaning and simplicity … or not.

Of course, if the owner decides to do the trick (opting for heavy customizations that include huge wheels with low profile tires and a typical pitch-up position), trucks of all kinds are also greeted enthusiastically in the car. channel presentation list. And we saw a few mics that looked really cool from all angles.

Now, as far as we understand that there is also a niche for truck enthusiasts who don’t mind using a ladder every time they get in or out of the vehicle, if you ask us, this Chevy Double Truck is a bit exaggerated. Oddly enough, the owner didn’t go for a crazy wrap or paint job. Instead, the ride has a subtle gray paint job that will shine nicely if you look closely (and the videographer did).

But the rest, including the teal accents, sure won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Along with the other body modifications that make it virtually impossible to detect the make and model from a distance. Is it a Ford, is it a Ram, no, it’s a Chevrolet – or at least the steering wheel says so. Naturally, just like the raised exterior – proudly straddling huge American Force wheels – everything inside has been altered in unrecognizable ways.

For us, however, it’s not American tailoring at its best. By the way, the frame of the merry-go-round blockbuster – literally – has to do with the traditional bed. There, instead of a workspace, it’s all about relaxation. With the help of the three TVs integrated inside.

Talk about setting up a drive-in cinema wherever you want! And we’re glad the owner didn’t follow the potty training with a pitch-up position … it would have been inconvenient for viewers when they tried to watch a movie!

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