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CCA Cinema had its big publicized reopening on Friday with an abbreviated name, a new movie director, almost all new staff, a new laser projector and a “new” popcorn recipe that The Screen patrons from there. a ten-year-old could recognize.

The name of the Cinematheque was dropped in favor of cinema only with the arrival in May of new film director Peter Grendle, who had been CEO of Violet Crown since its opening in 2015.

“We’re not French and I don’t want the CCA to feel pretentious,” Grendle said. “On the contrary, it should be inviting for everyone. “

The film Annette with Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard opened on Friday. Playing is also Green knight, which airs from the CCA theater’s “soft opening” on July 30 without any advertising other than posting the times on the website, Grendle said.

Grendle said the CCA theater has been waiting to reopen until now for public health restrictions to be lifted to allow full attendance.

Masks will be mandatory at all times, except for eating and drinking.

Violet Crown was the first theater in Santa Fe to reopen on March 19 for groups wishing to rent an entire auditorium and opened for general admission on May 7. Regal Santa Fe 6 reopened on May 21.

Jean Cocteau Cinema has given no indication of his future. Stadium 14 at Regal Santa Fe is closed because the owners of San Isidro Plaza have blocked Regal for non-payment of rent since March 2020.

Grendle said the CCA is the first public theater in Santa Fe to use laser projection. The laser projector will be in the big theater.

“For the patron, film-trained or not: you’ve never seen an image like a laser can produce,” Grendle said. “It’s of consistent, identifiable quality and literally changes the way we see movies. A laser projector is the brightest, sharpest image available today.

Equally important, Grendle brought his own popcorn recipe to the CCA that he once gifted when he was director of The Screen from 2008 to 2015.

Grendle had spent the previous year at the vacant Violet Crown, deep cleaning the facility, adjusting all seats and installing COVID safety measures.

“It took me about three months to open the Violet Crown,” he said. “It took me a month to open the CCA. I would like to think that I learned to reopen a theater.

Grendle notes that the CCA cinema is currently the only arthouse cinema remaining with the uncertainty of Jean Cocteau. The arthouse aspect prompted Grendle to switch from Violet Crown to CCA.

“The CCA has a need,” he said. “I don’t know of any other operator to manage an arthouse theater. “


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