Candace Cameron Bure teases Fuller House Easter Eggs in Hallmark movie


Candace Cameron Bure reveals that her new movie Hallmark Christmas will feature Fuller House Easter Eggs for fans of the Full House spinoff series.

Candace Cameron Bure promises fans will be able to spot some Fuller house Easter eggs in his new movie Hallmark Christmas, The Christmas contest. After five seasons, the popular Full house derivative show, Fuller house, ended with Season 5 in June 2020. Starring Bure, alongside his original co-stars, the series revisited the lives of the Tanner family and their friends, instantly becoming a nostalgic hit. Bure played older sister DJ Tanner, who had two main love interests for Fuller house: her Full house childhood sweetheart Steve (Scott Weigner) and veterinarian Matt (John Brotherton). After rejecting Matt’s proposal, DJ ends up rekindling his romance with Steve and eventually ends up with him.

As the holiday season draws closer, Hallmark Channel has already premiered 41 new Christmas movies each weekend, starting Friday, October 22. With Candace Cameron Bure and her Fuller house co-star John Brotherton, fans will be able to watch Christmas contest when it premiered on November 28. Given that opinions were divided on whether DJ should have ended up with Matt or Steve, the two actors reunited on the set of their movie Hallmark Christmas may seem like a small victory for #TeamMatt.

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In a recent interview with E! In line, Bure shared his enthusiasm for working with Brotherton again, dedicating the film to “all the fans who wanted Matt and DJ to be together.When asked what she could tease about the movie, Bure went on to announce that there were a lot of Fuller house Easter eggs that fans might be able to spot. Read his full comment below:

“What can I tease about the movie?” well it is Christmas contest so it’s very competitive. There are lots of fun Easter eggs for those Fuller house Fans. It’s a romantic comedy. There is a lot of comedy and there is a lot of heart. “

DJ is in the middle of Steve and Matt from Fuller House

With all the feel-good traits of a typical Hallmark holiday movie, it looks like fans are going to be in for more when it comes to those Fuller house the references. Bure and Brotherton were no doubt thrilled to be working together again, with Brotherton also joining the interview and sharing his take on the film. The Fuller house the star said “finding Candace was a hoot” and that Fuller house fans would feel “satisfied” if they hadn’t been originally.

It looks like DJ and Matt will have their happy ending (sort of) after all in the form of a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. However, that could reignite the debate on whether DJ Tanner should have ended up with Matt or Steve. Until Fuller house the story goes, DJ and Matt will forever be frozen as solid friends and nothing more, but at least the cast got the chance to play another on-screen romance in The Christmas contest. It remains to be seen which others Fuller house Easter eggs will appear in the movie, but they’ll no doubt be spotted by eagle-eyed fans when the movie premieres next month.

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