Bomma Blockbuster Telugu Movie Review


Release date : November 04, 2022

Rating 2.25/5

With : Nandu Vijay Krishna, Rashmi Gautam, Kireeti Damaraju, Raghu Kunche

Director: Raj Virat

Producers: Praveen Pagadala, Bosubabu Nidumolu, Anand Reddy Maddi and Manohar Reddy Eada

Music Director: Prashant R Vihari

Cinematography: Sujatha Siddharth

Publisher: B Subhashkar

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Actor Nandu Vijay Krishna and popular anchor Rashmi Gautam’s romantic action drama Bomma Blockbuster has now hit theaters. Let’s see how the movie is.


Pothuraju (Nandu Vijay Krishna), an ardent fan of Puri Jagannadh, dreams of making a movie based on the events that happened in his own life. Over time, his life takes a new turn with the murder of his father. Who killed his father? What did Pothuraju do next? Has Pothuraju achieved what he dreamed of? The main movie has the answers.

Good points :

Nandu is a good performer and he proved it earlier by playing decent characters in many movies. In this film, he became a hero and delivered a polished performance. His body language is good and his diction too.

Rookie director Raj Virat captures the village vibe well and manages to bring out the best in his technical team. A few action sequences look a little overpowering with a good background score and clean editing. Although Rashmi Gautam is the heroine of this movie and has no acting opportunities, her screen presence was nice to see.

Negative points :

The story of the film is a big disappointment. It starts out as an action movie, then the story gets emotional and fades in the second half. The story has a simple point but the director fills it with unnecessary scenes that detract from the flow of the film. Raghu Kunche is limited to a few scenes.

Nandu was good but his over-the-top performance in a few scenes looked boring. He creates unnecessary drama in his life just to make sure the story goes well to make a movie. It seems pretty silly. No other character will be remembered by the end of the film as it is told in a lackluster manner.

Technical aspects:

Director Raj Virat failed to make Bomma Blockbuster live up to its name. It blurs a simple story with exaggerated scenes. As mentioned above, he made the technicians perform at their best, but he absolutely failed to make sure their work got a good response.

A few songs and a background score provided by Prashanth R Vihari are an added bonus for the film. Sujatha Siddharth’s cinematography deserves special mention. Editing by Subhaskar is fine. The wealth of production values ​​can be read on the screen. Moreover, the sharp execution is a big boon for the viewers.


Overall, Bomma Blockbuster is a dumb, over-the-top movie that fails to fully impress. Except for a few scenes, the movie has nothing special to mention and won’t work with the masses either. You can skip it this weekend.

Rating from 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu team

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