Binge Report US Streaming TV & Movie Charts: Basketball & Teen Superhero (Week Ending June 12, 2022)


Welcome to the Binge Report, where we take a look at the most popular original movies and TV shows Americans streamed in the past week. For those interested in Australian figures (provided to us by streaming search engine JustWatch), please take a look here. You can read last week’s report here.

The TV Time app (iPhone and android) helps users organize their streaming plans. The data here is tracked by US users of the app and some shows listed are not available in Australia without the use of a proper VPN.


Netflix’s Adam Sandler Vehicle, Hustle topped the streaming movie charts with critics calling it Adam Sandler’s best Netflix movie to date (to be honest, it’s not too hard to pull off).

Another Netflix movie was also new to the top 10, Interceptor, in 5th grade. “Jurassic Park” (HBO Max) was 9th, no doubt due to current interest thanks to the new Jurassic World film.

“Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers”, “Fire Island” and “A Perfect Pairing” had to leave the top 10 to make way.

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Streaming Originals:

Disney+ Ms. Marvel debuted in the top 10 at #4, while Netflix First murder was the only other new entry into the top 10, in 8th place.

“The Flight Attendant” and “The Lincoln Lawyer” both dropped out of the top 10.

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Charts showing TV Time: Top 10 Original Series Streaming for the week ending June 12, 2022


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