Ben Affleck’s Batman Day solo film fan campaign


Today is the third Saturday in September, which has been officially designated Batman Day. As a result, fans around the world are celebrating the legacy of the Caped Crusader, who remains one of the most beloved and popular icons in all of pop culture.

Not only that, but by virtue of what has to be some sort of obligation that means it has to happen at least once a month, SnyderVerse supporters have mounted another campaign to try and make sure that the solo of Ben affleck Batman movie in existence. Of course, the online moves mean nothing to studios in the long run, especially Warner Bros., but there is clearly still a huge desire to see the two-time Oscar winner get that standalone release.

As you can see from the reactions below, #MakeTheBatfleckMovie has been on everyone’s lips and fingertips all day, although there was much speculation in favor of the death of the DCEU’s canonical Caped Crusader. Flash.

As much as we would love to see that happen, Affleck’s Batman project remains much more deeply rooted in wishful thinking than any sort of reality. We’ve got the Robert Pattinson reboot next year and the return of Michael Keaton sparking all kinds of talk about other appearances, while SnyderVerse’s Bruce Wayne hasn’t said a word about what his own future may hold next. Flash.


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