‘Belle’ Anime Hits $2 Million in Four Days – Specialized Box Office – Deadline


Beautiful is expected to hit $2 million Thursday through Monday. on 1,326 screens, according to distributor GKIDS. With Saturday’s actual numbers, he said, the gross exceeded $1.2 million, making it director Mamoru Hosoda’s highest-grossing film in the United States. It was previously that of 2018. Mirai with $812,000.

Hosoda (The boy and the beast) last film with Studio Chizu was also his first to screen in Imax and a success in Japan when it was released last summer.

GKIDS Distribution Director Chance Huskey said Beautiful is also the highest-grossing original animated film – meaning it’s not affiliated with a TV franchise like most are – since the 2020s grow old with you made $8 million. Distributed GKIDS Mirai and grow old with you. Beautiful is by far its widest US Huskey said it performs best on the West Coast, the East could be affected by weather.

It’s a musical movie that’s getting a lot of organic engagement on TikTok and Twitter, Huskey said, anticipating repeat viewing, especially for the dubbed version. All locations are subtitled and dubbed, with the dub including English language versions of songs only available in theaters. “Some people are accumulating income. And we hope that people who are not comfortable now will be out in a few weeks,” he said.

The film is a modern take on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. He received a 14-minute standing ovation at Cannes last summer and made his North American debut at the NYFF. It follows shy high school girl Suzu, whose secret online persona, a singer called Belle, has millions of fans in a virtual world called “U”, where she also meets a monster-like character called the Beast. It was nominated for five Annie Awards, including Best Independent Animated Feature.

Beautiful has an artistic and commercial appeal, and skews young people. That’s key in the current box office climate where booming ticket sales for movies like Spiderman: No Coming Home and Scream don’t overspill on most specialty fare, especially movies aimed at mature audiences that have been slow to return to theaters, and especially given the upsurge in Omicron’s Covid-19 inflections. Huskey said the demo was like 13-24 youngsters. “It’s a real Gen Z movie.”

It has a 95% critics and viewership score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Beautiful brought in $727,005 on Friday and $486,421 on Saturday, the latter beating expectations, GKIDS said, anticipating $432,374 and $394,992 respectively for Sun. and Monday, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a national holiday for a three-day estimate of $1,645,800 and a four-day forecast of $2,040,792. Is currently six at the North American box office.

“Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America”

Also open, Sony Pictures Classics had a strong performance for Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America. It cost $24,312 on four screens in NY/LA, averaging $6,078 per screen. The documentary by former ACLU Deputy General Counsel Jeffery Robinson explores the history of American anti-Black racism, the enduring legacy of white supremacy, and our collective responsibility to overcome it.


A big one yet to come — Fathom Events presents Betty White: A Celebration at 1,529 locations across the country, an unusual one-day special event honoring the actress who died Dec. 31 just weeks shy of her 100th birthday. The star-studded reflection on White’s life and career, which had already been prepared by filmmakers Steven Boettcher and Mike Trinklein to celebrate his centenary on January 17, will run for three sessions at 1 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

There isn’t much else new to the specialty. Notable remains include the SPCs Parallel mothers by Pedro Almodovar with Penelope Cruz which grossed $129,000 from 50 screens (vs. 18 last week) in week four. That’s a PSA of $2,580 this weekend and a cumulative of $376,093.

Licorice Pizza from United Artists Releasing, stable at 772 locations in week eight. The distributor brought in $252,000 on Friday. and $360,000 on Saturday.

RSUs House of Gucci, also in week eight, across 1,307 screens saw $205,000 on Friday and $311 on Saturday.

A24 red rocket will gross approximately $50,077 over four days across 82 screens for a cumulative $991.9,000

Sideshow/Janus Films said drive my car expanded to 65 theaters this weekend and grossed approximately $78,086, or $1,201 per screen, over three days and $94,086, with a PSA of $1,447, for four with an estimated total runup of $524,054 .

Reliance Entertainment cricket film 83 spent $4 million in the fourth week.

Animated documentary To flee from Neon is down to two theaters in week seven with a PSA of $550 and a run-up of $62,000 through Sunday.


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