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wonder used to take promising filmmakers who may have already flown under the radar, and put them in a position to be successful nationally. Some accuse the studio of sanding down all of their unique edges to incorporate these talents into the ongoing franchise machine and, personally, I can see where they’re coming from. But sometimes it’s good to remember that there’s still a lot of craftsmanship and intention put into individual moments in these MCU movies, and that’s exactly what this new behind-the-scenes clip does.

The New York Times has a “Anatomy of a scene”Series of videos where the filmmakers break down a particular sequence of their new release. In their latest, the director Cate shortland takes one of the most rambling hand-to-hand combat sequences in Black Widow and gives fans a glimpse under the hood of what brings those comic book moments to life. You can see it for yourself below.

Breakdown of the black widow scene

In this early moment of Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett johansson) and Elena Belova (Florence pugh) intersect for the first time in two decades. The former sisters are naturally suspicious of each other and, as Shortland describes in the video, this is reflected in the filming of the scene.

What’s in a scene?

The video begins by informing us that combat choreographer Rob inch played a pivotal role in bringing out the subtext throughout the tense reunion – “two girls who come together as strangers, but they’re family too, and they’re killers too” , as Shortland says – and channels it through live action. Shortland also adds that they were able to do a significant amount of filming without needing the second unit (traditionally action-oriented).

This is in part thanks to Pugh’s former dance training combined with Johansson’s countless hours of training in the previous films, which allowed them to be physically present without relying too much on the stuntmen (although he was still pretty obvious when and where the editing cuts around the action to hide this). The video also draws attention to the environment surrounding the fight, pointing out that the shots were filmed through doors where possible and not at eye level to eliminate any sense of control and cleanliness on the part of the public.

If this video is itching for a much deeper dive into specific movie scenes, I can’t recommend the YouTube video essayist Nerdwriter sufficient. Much of these types of aspects tend to go unnoticed by the general public, but taking a few minutes to focus on a single, specific sequence and question the rationale for every decision that was made on it can be a tool of. fantastic learning for fans and budding filmmakers. .

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