Anne Hathaway talks about Batman’s Zoë Kravitz taking on Catwoman 10 years after she did it for Christopher Nolan


The role of Catwoman has been played by a plethora of actresses over the years, each putting their own spin on the sweet antiheroine. The latest to take on the role is Zoë Kravitz, who plays a new iteration of Selina Kyle in Matt Reeves. The Batman. The actress has received praise for her portrayal from both critics and fans so far. It’s interesting that Kravitz’s debut is taking place this year, as it will also mark 10 years since his big-screen predecessor, Anne Hathaway, played the role in Christopher Nolan. The black Knight (released with a HBO Max Subscription). With that, Hathaway discussed the new actress who would take on the role a decade later.

Still, it’s kind of funny to think that it’s been nearly 10 years since Anne Hathaway donned the black leather suit and goggles (which visibly resembled cat ears when not in use). It’s only natural for curious minds to want to know what the former Catwoman actresses think of the latest to take on the role. that’s why HEYduring a recent interview, asked Hathaway if she had checked The Batman. Although the star has yet to see it, she is more than excited about the hype surrounding the film and The “unique” performance of Zoë Kravitz:

I have a friend who saw it this weekend and said not only was it phenomenal but how fun it was to be in a packed movie theater and find that people are coming back to the movies and how awesome it was to celebrate that. I am so happy for her. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

It’s probably not too surprising that the Oscar-winning actress hasn’t yet discovered Matt Reeves’ superhero epic on her own. Right now, she’s in the middle of a press tour for her new Apple TV+ show, We crashed. Still, it’s cool that she’s excited to see the movie at some point in the future.

Anne Hathaway has been very supportive of Zoë Kravitz ever since it was announced that she would be playing Selina Kyle alongside Robert Pattinson’s emo-infused Batman. Hathaway has already offered some advice to Kravitz regarding role-playing. the Wretched The star suggested that her successor not listen to anyone who has portrayed the character before, as she believes “the only way to play this role is to give your version of it.”

Other former Catwomen are also thrilled for this new version of Selina, including Return of Batman‘Michelle Pfeiffer. Also, Halle Berry provided advice and showed her support for the actress as she steps into the role. Even those who haven’t been directly associated with the Batman franchise, like Zoë Kravitz’s stepfather, Jason Momoa, put it forward. Frankly, it’s nice to see so many people supporting her as she begins her journey as one of DC Comics’ most beloved characters.

If you’re like Anne Hathaway and haven’t seen The Batman yet, you can still catch it in theaters before it airs on HBO Max.


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