Akhanda swooping Blockbuster follows Tamil?

The latest blockbuster movie “Akhanda” starring Nata Sinha Nandamuri balakrishna is going to entertain Tamil audiences.

This should be taken as an example to tell the craze of actor Sinha Nandamuri balakrishna in Tamil Nadu. His latest blockbuster movie is “Akhanda”.

Got a resounding success in telugu states. The public was amazed by the film.

Tractors came to the theater and watched a lot of movies. Good collections have come.

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The film also became available on OTT 50 days after its release. It is known that “Akhanda” is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

However… the film is shown in some cinemas in Telugu. Shows are being cast. Now the film is going to Tamil Nadu.

“Akhanda” is nicknamed in Tamil. January 28 means… releases this Friday in theaters across Tamil Nadu.

Yes….what you read is true! Fifty days after the film was released in Telugu, is it any wonder that it is dubbed and released in another language after the film became available in OTT with subtitles? The film, which deals with Hinduism and Shivatism, is expected to gain popularity in Tamil as well as Telugu.

After ‘Sinha’ and ‘Legend’, it’s a hat-trick in which balakrishna and boyapati Sreenu meet. Audiences were captivated by the way boyapati Sri portrayed Balakrishna.
Especially the character of Agora, the childish cosmology in this role impressed the crowd. Taman composed the music for the film, which features pragya jaiswal as the protagonist.

The song ‘Jai Balayya’ became a super hit. Background music has more names than songs.

Now there are no big movies in Tamil Nadu. So…there is a chance that the public will come to see this film.

Has already hit the theaters not only in Telugu states but also in America. tamil Nadu can also get the same answer… Dabidi Dibide!


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